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  1. I may be wrong, but my understanding is that the funding has been needed also due to the new CPU requiring changes in the codebase (remember that the CPUs are not only pure computing power, but they embed rather significant amount of functionality including the communications, etc., and a different CPU thus leads to a necessity to update and test the drivers specific to the particular device)...
  2. As already mentioned before, I use my Pro1x not only for data access (both regular mobile networks and Wifi), but also for calling (outgoing and incoming) and sending text messages using the traditional SMS (and also MMS if necessary). I disabled using VoLTE (voice over LTE) and also changed the priority for voice over Wifi to make it the last resort in case of Wifi being the only connectivity available (i.e. no mobile network coverage), because the call quality was rather bad with both VoLTE and voice over Wifi, but it works for me without any considerable issues apart from this (in addition
  3. Interesting. However, considering that you use a separate SIM card from the local provider, you could also ask the service provider to disable VoLTE for your SIM card in their HLR (OK, I know it isn't called HLR in 4G any longer, but it's still the same thing 😉 ). You'll probably need to be a little assertive and persist on getting your case passed from the call center agent to the technicians, because the call center agent may not even know that such disabling might be possible and the technicians could do it, but it's worth trying...
  4. If you disable VoLTE (option just before the network technology preference within the mobile network settings), it should perform the fallback to 2G or 3G depending on their availability (and it does so for me). If it doesn't work that way for you, it's the matter of the particular network configuration controlled by the particular network provider, not a limitation of Pro1x (admittedly, the network probably may be configured that way, although it isn't a very wise choice).
  5. Simply allow all types of network technologies instead of restricting the selection to LTE only. If you don't allow anything but LTE and disable VoLTE, there's no network remaining for you for voice calls. If you allow everything, the phone still prefers LTE for permanent connection, but uses GSM as soon as a call is made or received. BTW, partly related - in my experience, it's better not to allow calls over Wifi as long as there's some mobile network available, because quality with the Wifi calls hasn't been optimal either. However, that may be due to other factors (many competing Wifi
  6. I don't know current status of network technologies in various parts of the world (US or elsewhere), but Name_not_avail mentioned setting hir/her Pro1x to "GSM only" (resulting in quick battery consumption), so it seemed to me that GSM was available in his/her area...
  7. Unified view on multiple e-mail accounts works well with K9 mail and you don't have to pay for the BBHub application nor be bothered by the advertisements. Yes, the original BB Hub on BB10 provided more, but since that doesn't work with the Android version any longer, there's little point using the BBHub there (I tried it and left it after some time). K9 works nicely in landscape mode too. 🙂
  8. Do you know that you can select LTE network, but disable VoLTE, i.e. enjoy higher data transfer speeds and longer batter life while having no problems with voice quality?
  9. Explicit confirmation that duties/import taxes are on you shouldn't hurt, because that's always the case in situation like this one. Requesting additional money for delivery on top of what they asked when taking the order is very strange at best, especially if they already did deliver to the same "region" recently (at least on behalf of FxTec if nothing else, because my "region" is hardly different from yours from their point of view).
  10. I don't think that such a comparison among networks makes sense. I have no objective measurement and I expect that the same is true for people having issues. It isn't clear whether the problems observed are due to issues with particular devices, particular bands or even configuration of the particular mobile network (yes, there are many other differentiating factors apart from just the network bands / frequency). It isn't clear what is being compared - voice quality? Data speed? Ability to connect to the network at all? ...? I just provided my subjective experience based on comparison with sub
  11. I won't comment on the other statements, but (as an owner of Pro1x having used it for about 2 months now), I can comment on those listed above: - I don't see so many bugs, and the few I observed have acceptable workarounds (yes, I'd like to get those bugs still fixed, of course, but no, I wouldn't call the phone "riddled with bugs"). - I haven't observed any issues with connectivity / reception - on places with poor mobile signal (yes, I tried using it on such places), the behaviour is well comparable to other phones (Nokia E7-00, BlackBerry Q10). - I haven't observed anything l
  12. IMHO, the R&D argument doesn't make much sense in case of Expansys buying the devices from FxTec (unlike from the other scenario 😕 ) - obviously, FxTec might give them some discount, but they (FxTec) would still need to cover the R&D costs through devices sold via wholesale.
  13. Note that it doesn't have to be "fishy" in the sense you might have meant, there are scenarios like that FxTec didn't manage to pay on time for batch 1 and Expansys decided to requisition devices from batch 2 and sell them to cover their costs (that would be obviously very sad for various reasons, but certainly not a proof of "unethical way of doing business" on the FxTec side).
  14. The interesting point is - Expansys is the company which was the sender of my Pro1x in "batch 1" (and probably supposed to do the same for "batch 2"). I'm afraid that this suggests scenarios in which Fxtec isn't the one "doing this business"...
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