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  1. Hey all, coming from this thread: I'm happy to help and sacrifice my battery if need be. I'm not sure I follow this question though, as an electronics dabbler. When you say "between the plug and cable", what does this mean? Happy to cut the ribbon cable or unwrap the cells if this is useful (and helps me get a replacement battery from AliExpress ).
  2. Sorry, I thought I could be clever and recrop the old photo . Here's a new one: Confirming company is Shenzhen Kehuaxin Electronic Co Ltd (I couldn't find their batteries online) and model is 5036108PLN (pretty sure those are 0s). Guessing the "KHX" is an abbreviation of the battery company and the battery is about 1 year old. Thanks, I'll check it out!
  3. Well I was able to get the phone disassembled and get down to the battery! Haven't done that in a few years, good fun! However removing the battery (which felt superglued in!) I see a connector I don't recognise! Does anyone know this connector? I assume the top (top 2?) connectors are positive and bottom (bottom 2?) are negative from the naming convention. However this thing is really tiny, like 1/4 the size of my pinkie fingernail tiny (apparently my iPhones zoom and focus is quite good!). I'm not confident I could hook this up without an adapter, which I suspect I _may_ be able to
  4. Thanks. I haven't looked at the battery inside, but I do have a IMAX B6 charger, so I'm assuming once I open it up I'll be able to charge it. Teardowns look like it's a 4.4v charging limit with 3200mah capacity, so that should be simple enough to trickle up to a good state. How infuriating! Thank you, that's a good tip. I'll follow it once I've got things running . I'll see how I go with EDL! Thank you, this guide looks great and heaps simpler than installing a bunch of Windows MSIs and making everything work! I'll see how I go and report back.
  5. Thanks @EskeRahn, you are completely correct, I bought a Pro1X and didn't realise the difference. Doh! I got caught up with some other projects and came back to this recently. The phone hadn't been charged in a few months and I definitely broke the partitions by treating it as a Pro1. When plugging in the phone via USB-C the red light flashes on and off, but I can't get any other response via button combination or after leaving it charging for a few hours. Any suggestions for me to reset this device and start again? I'm concerned leaving it uncharged for a few months may have caused so
  6. Hi all, Excited to get my new F(x)tea Pro 1 running SFOS. This is my first foray into the Android world in the last 10 years or so, but I'm fairly technical. When following the instructions to install TWRP, I can't seem to get past the stock Android Recovery screen. I can see fastboot on my screen and it states the device state is unlocked. I run the following commands: ``` fastboot set_active a fastboot flash boot ./twrp-3.3.1-qx1000.img ``` And it writes it appears correctly: ``` Sending 'boot_a' (31768 KB) OKAY [ 0.760s] Writing 'b
  7. Hi @tdm. Is the CLI version still around? On macOS M1 (ARM based), the GUI one doesn't like libpng built for ARM, so I tried to use the CLI, but the link appears dead. Thanks!
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