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  1. Hi all .thanks for all your help.i struggled With fx tec who replied ok to the point they asked for my address .Then totally fizzled out.no amount of friendly prods has produced a result. So I still have to put up with this b Nokia that while it works well is not what I want. I have not as yet had the courage to open the fx as been totally absorbed by end of year bereavements .I have however tried 10 repair outfits with no joy.it seems no one wants to repair this phone not even fx tec I read about all this difficult soldering not sure last time I tried that was to build a zx 81
  2. Any help with this phone totally dead.just managed to get info off to a spare old phone . Not able to do far to get any real help out of fx .the charging port has in my view lost physical contact .no amount of wiggling will now reconnect .any idea what I am looking at to repair this.
  3. Bit more on mine It has now got to the point that it will only charge under plug tension. in other words I have to place a weight on the charge cable and pull the phone away against the weight .It then charges quite reliably. No way to work long term any cure spring to mind ? It has to be a phisical fault.
  4. I have this problem with my pro1 really bad .umpteen goes to get it to. Charge seems physical to me motherboard fault. Any ideas on fix much same on any cable started from new but very bad now
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