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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I would like to completely disable fingerprint reader. How can I do it? I am getting very inconvenient experience caused by fingerprint reader, which appears to be a bug. To reproduce do the following. 20230420 official lineageos build. (may be optional) remove saved fingerprint creds open youtube inside web browser (in my case it's chromium brave) play any video, ensure it runs in web browser and not youtube app (myself I do not have the app installed) when watching video lightly touch fingerprint reader each time that happens video restarts for me
  2. hello guys, I finally got my Pro1, the experience has been pretty good, the camera aspect is well, serviceable, but the most annoying thing is the fingerprint reader registering inputs when you just hold and grip the phone in your hand when it's locked, leading to the dreaded "too many attempts, try again later" prompt. I think the proper fix (apart from not enrolling into fingerprint unlock) is to only turn the fingerprint reader on when the phone screen is on. The big question is: is there a way to disable the fingerprint reader from reading whatever it's placed on it when the screen
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