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  1. I had issues with getting a GPS fix a couple of days ago, and I managed to solve that problem by flashing the latest nightly. All fine and dandy, completed the seup, enrolled the fingerprints, tested how many satellites I could track and everything worked. But after rebooting the phone, the fingerprint were lost, and on the lockscreen it woldn't prompt me to use fingerpring unlock. Enrolled them again, rebooted, same problem. I've tried reinstalling the zip, formatting /system via recovery (it didn't work), rolling back to the previous nightly, the fingerprints were always lost after r
  2. Eventually I managed to get a fix by updating the recovery and flashing the latest nightly (probably something borked during update from unofficial to official), but now I'm stuck with an encrypted /system and I'm unable to format it How can I mount it? I want to perform a clean install of the latest nightly...
  3. Is anybody else experiencing problems getting a GPS fix? I can get the approximate location via the cell tower triangulation, but not an actual fix from the satellites. I even left my device charging outside the window but no dice
  4. I think this is the thread you're looking for: Yeah, my phone is still sitting broken on my desk. This was my experience with warranty support: when I mailed them the day after I made the thread, they asked me to submit a video for QC purposes and asked if I would like to send in my phone for them to repair or if I would like to do the repair myself (I told them I would prefer sending them my phone so they could have a look at other smaller issues like the screen webble that got worse and worse and the really poor 4G reception), sent the fideo they promptly replied that a replacement s
  5. @FlyingAntero I will give it a try as soon as I get home, my coworker only has a flint and wheel lighter on hand I don't have too much hope because the dead area is very extended, but still, if it works even temporarily at least I can continue using the phone properly until they replace it under warranty
  6. Here are some screenshots of the touch reticle I've slid the fingers from the start all the way to the top bezel, they all stop in the same height both in landscape and in portrait mode
  7. I could try going back to stock rom but on top of the lost data, I would be still stuck on the same situation. If it doesn't work in the recovery, i think it's very unlikely it would work on stock (or even Sailfish or very other ROM) if it's hardware related. Moreover, the dead section doesn't rotate as the phone does, it stays in the same zone. @Doktor Oswaldo Yes, rotating the phone allows me to access the parts of the UI that were previously in the dead spot, but the location of the dead zone doesn't change at all😞
  8. Hello Imagine having waited for a really long time to get your phone adn, suddenly, the touch screen digitzer stops working. That's exactly what happened to me this morning. As soon as I woke up i could not interact with the quick toggles in the notification area, or swipe away some of the notifications. I managed to move around by using the arrow keys and with some effort, i got into developer settings and activated the touch screen reticle. The responsiveness stops at around the volume down button going up. I thought this was a sotware issue, rebooted a couple of times, nothing.
  9. So Fxteam, would be possible to include this option in the next OTA update?
  10. i'm in Italy and using an Iliad sim right now. the nearest base station is about 50m from my home and my wifi access point right in front of me, holding the phone in landscape, this is what the recepion looks like.
  11. has the phone reception been horrible for you too? when I hold the phone the signal drops to 1/2 bars and the wifi instantaneously looses connectivity. when i'm in my car the phone periodically looses signal completely, probabily due to cell rellover, but it hasn't been an issue with any of my previous phones. @Waxberry is this a problem with my particular unit, or it's due to bad antennae position/engineering or a sofware issue not setting the gain correctly?
  12. hello guys, I finally got my Pro1, the experience has been pretty good, the camera aspect is well, serviceable, but the most annoying thing is the fingerprint reader registering inputs when you just hold and grip the phone in your hand when it's locked, leading to the dreaded "too many attempts, try again later" prompt. I think the proper fix (apart from not enrolling into fingerprint unlock) is to only turn the fingerprint reader on when the phone screen is on. The big question is: is there a way to disable the fingerprint reader from reading whatever it's placed on it when the screen
  13. Got the stock assigned mail yesterday, preorder no #7xxx placed wayy back 3rd march 2019 from Italy still no tracking number tho, you guys are getting me pretty anxious and I really can't wait!😁
  14. Let me get this straight I can totally see why people are starting to get mad. Me in primis. I was on board since early March, but I do not care how far the delivery goalpost was moved, i just got a little disappointed but that's it. However, as soon as they confirmed a fixed date for shipment, I do expect tracking number starting appearing in the order's section of the first users the same day or least the following day. To this day, nobody got any tracking number or at least a confirmation of their order being included in the first, second or in the nᵗʰ batch. I totally under
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