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Found 3 results

  1. My four months old Fxtec Pro 1 (qwerty) started act funny last week. Fingerprint reader gets very hot and stopped working. The reader is hot ecery time I try to use it. I tried to restore factory settings, but it didn't help. The phone does get kind of warm when charged with the fast charger. Faulty battery?
  2. Hi all. Been using my pro1 ever since this good community helped me to fix software hitches. Thanks again 😉 So now after about a half year, the right side hinge (at the screen) started to become loose at open position. It rattles about half a millimeter; I wouldn't care about it much but it's started about two months ago with a barely noticeable wiggle and has gotten worse. I am pretty sure out of warranty now (unless you get a new full year warranty with a replacement unit?). Did this happen to any of you? This is not related to any fall (experienced my first fall just two days ago, doh) o
  3. Hello Imagine having waited for a really long time to get your phone adn, suddenly, the touch screen digitzer stops working. That's exactly what happened to me this morning. As soon as I woke up i could not interact with the quick toggles in the notification area, or swipe away some of the notifications. I managed to move around by using the arrow keys and with some effort, i got into developer settings and activated the touch screen reticle. The responsiveness stops at around the volume down button going up. I thought this was a sotware issue, rebooted a couple of times, nothing.
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