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Found 3 results

  1. I think there is a time limit on edits on this forum, so I'll post updates on this page instead. Here's a guide on how to get Gentoo Prefix running under SailfishOS. I've made it for the Pro1, but you might be able to use it for another device. If you know what Gentoo Prefix is, do not expect it to be the smooth ride I'm sure it usually is. If you know what Gentoo is, but not what Gentoo Prefix is: the short of it is that this basically lets you install Gentoo as a normal user in the directory of your choice, minus the kernel (since one is already running). You cannot mess up your
  2. Hi SailfishOS community port has been updated to and is available in the testing: repository for general use. The testing: repo is for general users, and the devel: repo for devs...the initial SailfishOS releases were made using the devel: repo so you need to switch them or install a release built from testing: If anyone needs to know how to do than then ask. Update process is as always: devel-su ssu 32 ssu ur zypper ref zypper dup
  3. Questions, bug reports, experience and help for those sailing the Pro1.. in order to keep the main thread consolidated and clear for installation instructions.
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