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4 hours ago, DieBruine said:

So still no word on your repairs huh?

Nope, then again I have not been chasing them. Just posting here from time to time. I'm so glad I have one Pro1 working, used as my daily driver while waiting for the other one to get fixed.

I've not been on the forums so much lately but it looks like shipping was kind of suspended again. Seems they are getting a new batch of devices every 6 weeks or so. They are not ramping up production they only produce limited batch from time to time and are still way behind in servicing. Too bad cause when it works hardware and software are really good. I'm pretty sure I won't buy a third device if this one lets me down. I may as well get myself a Microsoft Duo or something. I already spent over €1300 on Pro1 and I only have that single device now. I'm genuinely concerned they have some serious QA issues. Hope they could work on improving quality in the upcoming batch.

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@ErikI just sent an e-mail to support hoping to get a status update on that repair or replacement. You've had that device for about 10 weeks already. Here is a short reminder of my story:

  • Got a Pro1 in January.
  • Touch screen started acting up 6 months later reading ghost inputs.
  • Bought another Pro1 from a gentleman who did not use it and it turned out the keyboard had an electrical fault.
  • Swapped the screen assembly between my two broken Pro1s to have at least one working phone which is still working to this day thankfully.
  • Sent you the resulting Pro1 with broken touch screen and keyboard for servicing.
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I think, given current global conditions, waiting 10 weeks is not that bad. FxTec is still a start-up, at least that's how I see it. This is a niche product, hand assembled craftmenship 🤣. It still hurts, but I am anxiously waiting for my Pro1 to be returned 🥰 .

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