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  1. I bought a new phone after i sent my pro1 in for repairs. I don't have a problem with waiting, but I only sent my phone to them after they have already confirmed to have replacement phones because I specifically did not want to buy another phone. Then I waited like two weeks after sending in the phone and had to buy another, because I sold my old phone and wasn't planning on having multiple phones around. I need my phone for my job. I also know that the circumstances now are quite unfortunate, but I still feel the support replies have been a little dishonest. I've received multiple messages were something along the lines "we'll get back to you in a couple of days" has been said and no further contact was made. I don't mind waiting in these uncertain times (with Corona etc.), but you can at least be honest and don't make empty promises. 26 of Febuary: After this there has been no additional contact until I asked for an update on 14 of Febuary (no reply) and then again on 26 of Febuary. I don't think I am impatient with this, as I've always waited at least 5 days before asking for another... Last reply was on 9 of March and there has been no contact after this: My main issue is that I specifically asked if they had replacement devices, which they confirmed, because I just would have kept the phone with the broken fingerprint sensor, until all of this corona stuff has been resolved and business is continuing as usual. I only sent in the phone after I've been told that there is sufficuent replacement stock available.
  2. My fingerprint sensor broke just two weeks after I got the phone. I've sent them an email asking when they would have replacement parts and devices and waited until 20.01.2020 before I sent it in for repairs. The phone arrived a couple of days before the 29. Since then I've gotten no updates, but a couple of replies after asking about it. I've been waiting for six weeks now and had to buy another phone.
  3. Do you have any idea why aptx does not seem to be working on the stock rom? Thanks!
  4. Yeah, I definitely need to do that next time. edit: I messed up and had to do a factory reset.
  5. Magisk does not modify any system files, but adaway modifies a hosts file, so the integrity checks fail. At least that's how I understand it. I'll be restoring the factory rom and then installing the OTA updates to slot a.
  6. Ah, damn. While reading your link I remembered that I've used Adaway and thus modified a system file. That is probably why the OTA fails. Thank you!
  7. The same thing happens. I just tried restoring the backup from slot b to slot a, but it didn't change anything.
  8. A few days ago, I flashed a patched boot image to boot_a. I used the image from here and patched it with the Magisk app. It worked wonderfully, I had root and the phone would pass safety net checks. After flashing the patched boot image, I backed up boot_b. Today I got the OTA notification and switched to slot b using fastboot --set-active=b and then rebooted and tried installing the OTA, I got the following error message: Install fail Reason: 20 Magisk is not active on slot b, so why can't I install the update?
  9. This has happened to me exactly once now. It happened before the OTA and has not happened again, but I don't think the OTA has anything to do with it. I am using Swiftkey for portrait mode, but it also interferes with hw keyboard settings. Maybe it has something to do with it, but I don't think so.
  10. I've installed the update, but the phone still doesn't pass safety net checks. I'm assuming we're still waiting for google certification to come through?
  11. I've gotten my Pro1 seven days ago. My sn is fxtec000098. The one on ebay has sn xxx2, so there probably were about 100 devices sent out.
  12. Nokia 3310 → Some Siemens phones → Benq-Siemens EL71 → Motorola Milestone → Motorola Defy → HTC One X → Samsung Galaxy S4 → LG G3 → Moto Z2 Play → F(x)tec Pro1
  13. There currently no OTA updates available, it was the first thing I checked. Guess we'll have to wait for that first update. I think this is a software fix.
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