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Found 7 results

  1. This is going to be a funny one. I'm the lucky owner of two broken Pro1s. Both from mid January batch. One I used for 6 months: Relatively poorly assembled to start with as the screen does not connect to both rubber pads when open causing more rattle than it should. Left ctrl key does not provide any tactile feedback anymore. Touch screen triggers ghost inputs rendering the device unusable. One I just got delivered yesterday from a gentlemen who hardly used it since he got it in January: Better assembled as the screen connects to both rubber pads when opened. I can tell it has hardly been used as it shows none of the unavoidable tears my first Pro1 is showing after 6 months of use, However there is a nasty electrical fault that's causing the keyboard to malfunction when charging. For instance if I hit backspace when charging caps lock goes off along with a bunch of other keys. I'm either extremely unlucky or Pro1 has some serious quality issues, the later being expected to be honest being a first product from a new start-up. Now I contacted support about my first Pro1 with broken touch input like a week ago and all I got was a message asking if the device was damaged by water which it was not obviously. Since that nothing. What is your experience with FxTec support? How do they deal with hardware defect? Will I need to send my Pro1s to England to get them fixed? How fast can they deal with repair there? Do they actually repair them or just provide brand new phones when repair is not possible? How fast do they do repair?
  2. Hello there Pro1 experts! 🙂 I have accidentally dropped my phone on the wooden floors a few times, no hard bumps mostly from our living room table on to the carpet actually. The problem is that I have noticed the the keyboard bulges out a bit, just at the edge. (The edge facing you when having the keyboard slid open) Now, what would be a good way of putting the keyboard back into place. I've tried gently nudging the plastic with my fingers and nails to push the keyboard down and latch on to the notch, with no success. I wouldn't want to be putting too much force into it. Should I try my hands at disassembling the phone, by removing and putting the keyboard back into place? I'm attaching some photos, trying to show the bulging keyboard. I also added an illustration of basically how it looks from the side because of OCD tendencies I guess. 😛
  3. Has anyone experienced the rear camera (and flashlight) just quitting? I did drop it the other day but the camera was still working afterwards. Then without any notice it just stopped working; the flashlight tile in the quick settings is also greyed out :(. If anyone has any thoughts on how to figure out whether this is a hardware or a software issue I'll be much obliged. I've already tried re-flashing lineage os test build 11 (in case it was a bug of some sort), but to no avail. (I was just getting around to making this my daily driver :() Next stop I will probably go back to stock to see if that does anything. I tried opening it up to check if perhaps the camera module had maybe popped loose or something, but gave up. I've dis- and re-assembled my fair share of phones over the past.... decade and a half or so, but man these devices are getting tightly put to together. Even with the disassembly guide I found elsewhere on the forum this is definitely not an exercise for the faint of heart - I seriously hope I won't ever need to go beyond replacing the display assembly. The connector for the finger print sensor was particularly finnicky, could've used a baby human/octopus hybrid (4 tiny-fingered hands and for suction-cupped tentacles please) for that. Even with a pair of tweezers it was particularly unnerving; small connector, ribbon cable that was shorter than the one in the disassembly guide in a pretty tight spot next to the battery. The disassembly guide warned to not forget undoing this connector when taking the bottom half apart. In my case the case was settled so snugly that it came loose all of a sudden, ripping off/disconnecting the fingerprint sensor - luckily nothing was broken - I merely had a minor stroke. After I got this far I still couldn't really see much wobble or looseness around the camera so with further layers of disassembly to go I decided not to push my luck and my nerves any further. I am unsure about putting the stickers back over the screws, they are marked here and there from removing them, and if you ask me it doesn't actually look half bad with the screws exposed. (If you like that aesthetic, which I do) @John Veness and @altwouss I've had a bit off rattle and wobble, particularly around the right hing and more or less depending on the angle. I'd seen the discussion but couldn't remember if this had been an issue from the start. To my mind it was solid when I unboxed it and it got wobbly as some of my friends tried to open it in ways it was definitely not designed to be opened. Anyhow, as I was reassembling the display assembly I made sure to tighten the screws in the upper half a bit more, which has taken care of any wobble I had. It is now solid as a rock.
  4. I have the following problem on my fresh out of the box Pro 1, and I was wondering if it was just my device: When the slider is closed, so using the phone like a keyboardless phone, there is a physical click sound when tapping on the screen, especially the left and right hand sides when in portrait. See this short video I made demonstrating the problem: I'm not talking about haptic/vibraion feedback, as I have that disabled and anyway it does it when the phone is off. The problem seems to be the slider mechanism pivoting or wobbling such that the screen part bangs against the keyboard part. The clatter/rattle sound is quite off-putting, especially for what is otherwise a premium device. I was wondering if every Pro 1 did this, or just mine (or just some).
  5. Anyone else is having issues with the volume rocker? Volume down is working fine but volume up is most unreliable. I need to push at some specific place and angle for it to register reliably. Moreover it's almost flush wit the casing. It would have been easier to get a feel for it if it was sticking out some more.
  6. Moderator: Split from this thread. Now I have checked my Pro1 which has been arrived today. It does the same physical movement like in the video and unlike a very early model. ...but which I find strange is not this sound but I think there is a crack at the frame. Could you please confirm you don't have a similar crack at this position?
  7. My Pro1s left speaker seems to have lower volume than the right one. I would say about 1/4. I'm yet about to do a close up stereo recording to 'measure' it more precisely but it's noticable although definitelly not a dealbreaker. Headphones output is fine. So I'm wondering if anybody else is noticing something similar. Has anybody idea what could be the culprit?
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