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Google-Free Android Rom that works stable?

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Hi there,

i got my pro1 yesterday and after being astonished by this awesome phone, i had a really unnerving time setting it up.

Being an old time droid 4 lineage user, i tried out lineage 17.1 and lineage 18.1, both giving me reception problems with GSM and WCDMA - LTE seemed to work but barely. I think this is described as "IMS Issues" by others.

I then tried finding the parts i need to install lineage 16 - i found the images after some googling, however a recovery image to sideload lineage 16 still appears nowhere. The lineage homepage seems to have scrapped any lineage 16 downloads -.-

What else is left for a stable, android based, google free base system?


Kind regards




Ps: kinda shocked the stock rom doesn't even illuminate the hardware keyboard and lineage does o.o

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On 1/17/2021 at 12:22 PM, milp said:

The lineage homepage seems to have scrapped any lineage 16 downloads -.-

In case you are still interested: I've got a local backup of the last official Lineage 16 build (20201026), including the recovery image. Just send me a pm if I should make it available for download.

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