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Battery drain - and OTA updates

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Hello all!

First the good news, my Pro1 has been repaired and sent back! 
Unfortunately it needed a new board so I basically lost a few photos which I saved to the internal memory instead of SD.. :(

Anyway I have some quirks - I am now on stock Android but I'm not sure if I'm on the latest version. There's a few things that don't seem right:

  • Battery seems to be draining a lot quicker than I remember.
  • I keep getting a "Wireless Update" notification popup fairly frequently and disappear.
  • I'm not able to perform an OTA update even if I go to the menu - it's like it's pointing to the wrong address...
  • It's got a Snapdragon Camera which I don't remember being installed last time.

So does that seem right? Is there a stock image I can manually install or should I just slap the latest lineage on there again?

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Sounds like the normal stock image to me but I've not used it in a long time.

Check what version it says in the "About Phone" screen in options (think its called that lol!)

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On 3/12/2021 at 5:52 AM, PokeParadox said:

I keep getting a "Wireless Update" notification popup fairly frequently and disappear.

This always has been since day 1 of the Pro 1, the built-in ADUPS checks for updates whenever you switch wireless networks (mobile vs Wi-Fi), plug and unplug the charger, etc. Many cases will trigger a wireless update check.

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Unless you are very much in a hurry to immediately get any new updates on release (last was August 2020), then I would suggest to disable the two System Apps both called "Wireless Update", and when you get information on a new update you want to apply, you can just re-enable them.

it is
com.adups.fota  and  com.adups.privacypolicy
Do both a disable AND a stop (!) as described here

ADB shell pm disable-user com.adups.fota
ADB shell am force-stop   com.adups.fota
ADB shell pm disable-user com.adups.privacypolicy
ADB shell am force-stop   com.adups.privacypolicy

(You can stop them from the phones apps list (show system apps), but you would need to remember to stop them after every restart)

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