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  1. Yeah I've disabled WiFi calls too. I'll see if this makes things better on the next call...
  2. I disabled the 4G call option and received a call this morning which was "buzzy" I do have WiFi calls enabled though... It would be nice to find a concrete workaround!
  3. Hello all! First the good news, my Pro1 has been repaired and sent back! Unfortunately it needed a new board so I basically lost a few photos which I saved to the internal memory instead of SD.. :( Anyway I have some quirks - I am now on stock Android but I'm not sure if I'm on the latest version. There's a few things that don't seem right: Battery seems to be draining a lot quicker than I remember. I keep getting a "Wireless Update" notification popup fairly frequently and disappear. I'm not able to perform an OTA update even if I go to the menu - it's like it's
  4. Just an update - Tech Support worked through several things to try but it didn't want to respond to anything and it looks like I have to send it back for repair...
  5. Indeed - I was already using Lineage without issue for a good while - long after any flashing took place. I was browsing Twitter and the screen faded to off. Now I'm stuck in this state. :(
  6. I was able to see the device again and start a flash with the Q Flash Tool. I saw something.bin very very very briefly on the application window and then Unknown error. Someone please advise?
  7. Hello! I have a Pro1 which is displaying nothing on its screen. I can get into EDL mode and I have access to both Windows and Linux PCs both in 32bit and 64bit environments... I have only tried this flasher in Win10-64b, used Zadig, installed the WinUSB driver, phone is detected but flashing only gives "Unknown Error" Where do I go from here?(Help!)
  8. Now my phone is not responding in any way including the EDL mode when connecting to PC! :( UPDATE: It's back... now to try and bring it back from the brink...
  9. Hi folks, My Pro1 is behaving very similarly to what the Op has described. I'll provide further detail: Sat down, installed Majisk update rebooted and phone loaded into lineage. Was browsing Twitter and I noticed that the images weren't loading. Screen faded to black and no indication light. I was fully charged or near enough - I think I was plugged in to the official charger. I now cannot start the phone at all. Windows makes a noise when I plugin it into my laptop. I see the QualComm QD com port appear in device manager Can I get this back w
  10. Laziness... Also isn't the clock broken currently, or something like that? I figure it's running stable enough as it is, maybe I'll update after a few more releases! :P
  11. I also had/have a PRIV. I did enjoy it, but also have the battery dying on it with constant reboots/refusing to charge. I was keeping it around just to be another sync point for Resilio, but it's getting less and less useful due to the battery. I have had my Pro1 a little over a month and it's taken a while to get used to the landscape keyboard again. I've installed Lineage OS 16 and recently playing around with Debian running as a chroot so I can do some little bits of coding. The battery life seems to be great and I don't bother disabling GPS/WiFi/Data/BT like I did with the PRIV. Of co
  12. I gave up with Sparkle, I now have Debian Buster with LXDE via VNC. I see what you mean about the keyboard not really being treated properly (I can't press up to restore the last command in the terminal, etc.) I installed just using Linux Deploy. It's installed as an image file, I'd prefer it to be to be a folder but it keeps failing for some reason :/ It's working ok apart from that and I have now setup MonoDevelop and Code::Blocks. Is it possible you could clarify how you got XRDP to work as for me it is just complaining that it is in a CHROOT environment when I try to start the XRDP se
  13. Hi folks, still enjoying my phone and now want to try out more exotic things. I'm currently running LineageOS and it seems to be working smoothly enough and I have also managed to run all my annoying apps that detect root. (Yay!) But I'm wondering, what is the best way to run linux on this phone? My intention is to be able to run programs like Godot and MonoDevelop and ideally try and install box86 and try and get x86 Steam running. I have been trying to use Linux Deploy with Sparkle(Wayland server?) but not had much luck so far, only being able to connect via VNC. I'm also toying
  14. Well it's @EvilDragon ! It makes more sense if you know who he is! :D
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