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  1. Just an update to maybe help anyone having the same problem: I had forgotten to delete my old "hidden" Magisk installation and this confusing/preventing Magisk 26.x from realising it was installed in recovery. As soon as I uninstalled the hidden Magisk application, running the latest installed Magisk prompted me to complete the installation finally!
  2. EDIT: Doh I missed the above messages... I guess I'll try again. Are you flashing the latest version of Magisk? Could I get some help installing magisk on 20.0 from someone please? Lineage is installed but can't seem to get Magisk working - I patched the boot.img and flashed it but the Magisk app doesn't change...
  3. Which version of Lineage are you running, I don't appear to have that file? There's one similarly named (IIRC "/system/vendor/etc/mixer_paths_skul.xml" ).
  4. I've not got around to trying again, do you have a more recent set of steps I could follow? I don't seem to have much luck getting this set up.
  5. I'm most irritated that some emulators (Citra, RetroArch) I can no longer find my roms... RetroArch was solved by using DIG frontend - but I simply can't use Citra at the moment.
  6. Yep - Had this same problem, even down to looking at it as it faded to black! They replaced it fairly quickly (covid considering), but it was long enough that I had to get an intermediary phone... sigh.
  7. I apologise for spamming the thread, but I do think it's important to point out that with GSM/WCDMA preferred + WiFi calling enabled on Lineage 18.1 I've had a further 7 calls without quality taking a hit. I'll stop posting for now. :)
  8. Yeah - I feel very much like this - I still have some emulators that I can't use: DraStic - I can only use DIG to launch roms, but can't select the rom directory natively. Citra - I can't get it to work at all. RetroArch only running via DIG I was hoping Lineage would have an "advanced mode" workaround for the scoped storage as it's really limiting...
  9. Another update. I've got the setting to GSM/WCDMA preferred as mentioned before, but I've also re-enabled the WiFi-calling. I have unfortunately only had 1 call so far in this setup, but it was clear without interference in sound.
  10. Yes, sorry I should have been clearer. I'm using the hide list, but Halifax banking app is somehow still detecting root - other root-sensitive apps aren't. I'm not sure how.
  11. Magisk has been updated (23.0), so the internal SafetyNet check should work again!
  12. I've now had about 8 calls in the setup above. I've not enabled WiFi calls again yet. Only one of those has had some "buzzing" - so it seems to made an overall improvement to call quality. In the call that was buzzing moving around a little improved the quality. (I suspect - signal strength may be related too) Obvious downsides to this is you lose 4G - which is not really a problem for me for what I use mobile data for usually - plus currently I'm still housebound with WiFi. Also this is only my experience, obviously. I'd be very interested if others have tried this and get similar result
  13. I can also confirm I proceeded to downloaded a separate safety check app, which passed and then logged into my root sensitive apps mostly without a problem. I setup my GooglePay without a hitch without having to follow the GooglePay specific part of the OP post. One of my banking apps is still detecting root, however.
  14. Thanks for that... I've been sat twiddling my thumbs waiting for the Magisk fix - didn't think about checking with a separate app. I can continue setting up the rest of my phone apps now! :P
  15. Bit of an update - I changed the Preferred network type to GSM/WCDMA preferred and I have had 4 phone calls in that time without the severe distortion. 4G call and WiFi calls are currently disabled. With just these disabled I still had muffled calls. I'm tempted to turn WiFi calling back on to see how that goes. I've a feeling that it may be related to the preferred network setting only.
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