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Warranty Service Slow and Poor Communication

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21 minutes ago, toast said:

The thing is that any company interested in keeping its customers does not do this, especially not without explicitly asking the customer in question first.

Moving more into the guessing land, you must remember that they can not get a new Pro1, and that they (from what I seen users report in here) early on was unusually kind in just replacing phones on various errors. So they are likely to have a number of devices with some deffect they can potentially refurbish with a combination of new parts they can get, or used parts.

But indeed doing so, the resulting devices ought to be thoroughly tested before sent as replacements.

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Gotta step up to them. Yes, they are slow but they always have been very honest with me; the only ,problem' was they once sent me a replacement phone which was locked up (by google something) and could not be used at all. Helped by a forum member. But hey, it worked after that.

Then I bought a second back cover (because I'm stupid and broke off the fingerprint ribbon cable) and waited for the delivery for eternity. Yes, I tried to contact them several times, they even wanted me to cancel that order and send me the money back but I did not want that. Now all of the sudden they got back to me and sent me a replacement back cover and a new display and a battery as a ,sorry for your wait' sign.

I'm staying with these guys as long as they keep the company alive, they really try to keep to their words, even though they are just slow :))

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And I am another who really has never been given any reason to complain about F(x) Tec's customer service. Yes there have been delays, but in fact the communication was good if you factor in that they don't say much if they don't actually have any news.  When there were delays, they were very clear that there would be delays and they didn't know how long.  I accepted that.  Certainly never got a Frankenphone back.  It's only my experience, but I am very happy with the CS I have received from this company.  Far better than anything I have received by any other phone company.

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