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8 minutes ago, Hook said:

The community developers don't hide. They work hard. They are volunteers.

Open source developers often have a "buy me a beer" button so people can thank them for their efforts - I have been unable to find one for anything to do with the Pro1-X.  Until I do I will continue to joke that they are hiding, I mean no disrespect 🙂

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46 minutes ago, CornholioGSM said:

...and why discord? Why not here?

Because chat and forums are slightly different in purpose... Also we're mostly talking offtopic xD. Discord rather than other chat things because that's what caught on somehow (there are IRC and Telegram groups too but not very active).

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15 minutes ago, netman said:

Also we're mostly talking offtopic xD.

True, but when a trouble shooting incident pops up, or when someone has a question that needs a bit of research and discussion, discord can be a lot more interactive and less asynchronous than a forum (and I am definitely Not the next generation :D).  I think both platforms are useful and am happy we have both.  🙂  

Certainly no need to come over if it's not something you are interested in.

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