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  1. There are many ways to interpret "once a month" but none of them allow for not posting anything with a November date and the final business day is now over in the UK. Do I need to buy a phone to talk to anyone over Christmas or don't I? They can silently change the perk delivery dates to January and that would be update enough for me, but they still say October. And people are still buying them 😕
  2. So the next update will be "all the phones are packed ready to be sent out tomorrow"?! That sounds too good to be true though I certainly wouldn't complain.
  3. The delay could be because production of [some part] is nearly complete and they're waiting until it is to share the joyous news. Or another component pre-order fell through and they want to have a solution in place before letting us know, like last time... I really hope it's the first option!
  4. They were supposed to be sent in March then they had to change the chip and delayed until August, then again to October/November as currently advertised. They have been giving monthly updates on Indigogo but nothing yet in September so should be any day.
  5. As you mentioned - it's all about the scancodes. This means manufacturers can make all keyboards the same and just put different labels on the keycaps to make mass production cheaper then rely on customers to chose the matching language setting in their operating system. The ISO physical layout (tall enter, split left shift) has many language variants, ISO-US keeps \| near where it is on an ANSI (wide enter, big left shift) board while ISO-UK one puts \| next to left shift and ISO-FR (French AZERTY) and ISO-DE (German QWERTZ) don't have a \| key at all. From what I've read I find it ver
  6. If it arrived on 1st August it would have had to be sent in July which they never suggested was a possibility. Recent monthly updates have always come shortly after the 10th so we should know this week - hopefully they're still confident.
  7. A year lag in security updates is very concerning, are these the bits we are trying to get mainline support for so we don't have to rely on companies?
  8. Yup, and one of the 10 was returned for repair and apparently lost at f(x)tec so it's even rarer now!
  9. What exactly is on the USB PCB? I found this picture which shows it's more than a USB socket and a ribbon connector but it's too small to make out the rest of the components or if there's anything on the back. Wondering if we can't just create our own (assuming common components that are available in times of covid) if they're unwilling to sell them.
  10. Looking at this news article about the latest UBPorts OTA update it says they fixed the flashlight on 835 devices. The previous update when the Pro1/X was added was also released after Raksura's list of problems so I would hope it has improved - would they really add a device without working mobile internet? I'm very interested in SteffenWi's findings when they get it working (hoping the power of positive thinking helps!)
  11. I have a bachelors in Computing and Information Systems (pointless jack-of-all trades master-of-none degree) which I barely used and for years the only computer I use at work is a CNC controller. I've never had a keyboard phone and have one desktop at home which I've not 'played with' for years so no need for sysadmin stuff there either... I'm here because I hate touchscreens, especially typing on them, and covering half the screen (or more with ever-wider resolutions) just makes it worse. Phones are too big anyway so may as well get one that spares my sanity and can be fixed easily to
  12. As someone who has one phone in daily use I wouldn't have backed the campaign now if I didn't need a new one until next year so ASAP is good even if it could have been better (everything will always be better in the future, except phones which are already too big and still growing - another reason not to wait)
  13. The camera looks really cool (it's not actually any use to me) but that would require stock android, right?
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