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  1. I've bought a Cubot King Kong Mini 2 and put Lineage on it - loving how small it is and with a weird keyboard (MessagEase) there are no downsides. Safe to say the Pro1 X will never be my daily phone even if it arrived tomorrow and I was lucky enough to have everything work perfectly. This message is as useful as their "update" so doesn't seem wrong to post it here 😞
  2. Me too! Hopefully sometime this year 🤣
  3. I'm sure the donation link works great, but does the work the donation is rewarding? Ducksoup and MrPib have installed it so that's a good start...
  4. And finally there's a donation button - the devs are real 😃 Not clicking it until someone tests it though, I would but still waiting...
  5. Thanks Casey, you too. Lets hope the update says something other than "after CNY" though it doesn't really matter as the Expansys third party handling service will do whatever they want, and like a lazy teenager that typically is as little as possible.
  6. Interesting answer but I'm pretty sure they just want it to work the same as a USB stick, like most phones do. Also desoldering anything on any device is definitely going to void your warranty 🤣
  7. That is concerning - you'd think being a UK based company this would be one place that it worked at least acceptably.
  8. Assuming the pads are ripped off you need to follow the traces to find somewhere to solder to. If they end in holes they will continue on the other side so take a pic of both sides without moving the camera then flip one and make it semi-transparent in a graphics program (gimp is free). Or post the pics and I'll have a look 🙂
  9. Many months ago (August?) they gave up on the idea of shipping with alternate OSes, to mass complaints. As long as they don't come with flat batteries having sat in the warehouse for months I'll be happy and as you know what it runs it seems they do 😃
  10. Wow, not a complete "mistake" with the some will be sent before Christmas in the last update.
  11. 100 of the budget version is a day is impressive especially as there's no Japanese keyboard. Maybe they can sell all the ones that don't work (maybe they work better with Japanese bands?) and make us some good ones for next Christmas.
  12. The way I look at it is that if I'd bought a different phone two years ago instead of backing the Pro1x it may well be broken and need replacing by now. Instead I've continued to use the phone that was already annoyingly half broken so in terms of money per year it has kinda paid for itself. I'm still expecting it to arrive sometime and even if it only works as a pocket computer (maybe with an external wi-fi antenna) it should still be useful alongside the small phone I'm now resigned to buying.
  13. If you want a community to work on something you need to give them the hardware. The few who did get their IGG perk delivered were not the most enthusiastic "Early Bird" orderers or those with the "Secret Community Perk" available through XDA they were seemingly chosen at random so that can't have helped. Then (if you believe the updates) anyone who was working on it was told to stop until they had a stable stock image, which as of today's update they're still "working on". Sounds like they've had three months and got nowhere - it must be really broken!
  14. Obvious no, but it is available - see the guide from Casey with a link.
  15. I haven't read anyone saying it gets worse (if that's even possible?) so it's probably worth trying? From the last update on IGG the battery issue is the big one so sounds like they're done fixing reception, though it's not explicitly mentioned. Why I have no idea but that could be said about something in most of the updates so we'll have to wait and see!
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