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  1. Aren't most unihertz phones bootloader locked so there are no alternate OSes for them? I have looked at them often as they have small phones but I'm not using stock Android. If their software partner (it's not done in house) can do an open version it's a great idea.
  2. I'm really glad they're not giving up too, there was surely money to be ran off with when they didn't have any chips to buy so I might have been tempted. I'm not requesting a crystal ball "all devices will be shipped" date which would be pointless, all I ask is to replace "something" with "flashing", "packing" or "shipping" in the latest update. He must know what he's trying to book and that isn't affected by how much of a mess China is in nor how many times they've been bumped by a more important customer or due to stopping for bugs.
  3. Sadly the "question" was actually two questions in one and the answer wasn't clear. I guess a bit of manpower is needed for flashing but a lot more for packing so maybe there's a big pile of flashed phones ready to be boxed up. Or maybe there isn't. I don't understand why anyone would bother to answer without being clear, it's very frustrating!
  4. Paint on gamer RGB keycaps doesn't last long and these will be hit by fingernails more often so chipping will surely be even worse. Maybe you could doubleshot with a burnably thin layer of black over transparent? Or depending how the keys work maybe you could paint and laser the legends on the back? I was considering chopping up my keyboard to create something as close to the ISO-Colemak layout I've been using in Sailfish for years but your idea is better 🤣
  5. Only looked because I didn't remember seeing a response the last couple of times you tagged him, I have no insider information.
  6. Is he still alive/working at Fxtec? According to his profile his last visit was November 😟
  7. That's why I said "probably get it sorted by then" - they are known for being incredibly slow when it comes to checking their e-mail 😞 Also don't try and chase a response or they'll put you to the back of the queue...
  8. Looking at USB-C connectors the surface mount ones seem to have 15 pins, you have 12 pins and 3 holes. Usually the surface mount soldering tabs stick out the back though (so they can be soldered) while you had to melt the plastic. The through hole connectors have 12 pins but no gap so if it's one of them it's weird... Do your pins go through the PCB or not?
  9. After 25 years they assumed you were somehow attached, big mistake. I hope you asked for the number transfer on the same call you were told that, it could then have been used for "training purposes".
  10. Hi Defiant Very short version - the Pro1-X was supposed to be a special edition Pro1 in a blue case but they couldn't get the processor chip so had to completely redesign it; the name has not changed. On the Indiegogo campaign you can still choose QWERTZ so it seems strange that you can't on their site. Production finally started this week and shipping isn't due to start mid-late May so you could e-mail them and probably get the site fixed before then, or take the small risk and back it on IGG (crowdfunding does not guarantee you get what you "buy" though this late it is very unlikel
  11. What are you running, Android or Lineage? Not sure it makes any difference but sounds like it should.
  12. My ID is 2004, that may be 4 too many which would be annoying but probably 1004 after the first batch. What's another month or two at the this point 🙂
  13. Will I get my phone in time for a year late birthday present in four weeks? The continued good news has me hopeful that it could arrive on the day which would be great but I'm thinking it will be slightly longer than that even if all goes to plan.
  14. If it's a thicker trace to carry a significant current it should be less fragile and easier to solder. Also a guess 🤔
  15. If the cable is slightly longer than it needs to be you could try to repair it - it's already not working so nothing to lose.
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