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  1. Assuming this field will now be shown/requested when you first sign in is there perhaps an option for a default that could say "write your device info here" @Casey?
  2. You may have used the box but never noticed it could be useful 🙂 If it was blank then it is very strange, maybe @EskeRahn can see a difference in the background between those who can and can't see it.
  3. Did you have something in there before? Maybe it's an old option and if left empty after a forum software upgrade it disappeared? (or never appeared for us newer members)
  4. Doesn't help with the how but I made / 10G on my Xperia running Sailfish as I don't use many apps and thought it would be plenty then had to uninstall some apps to get one of the big OTA updates to install so 15-20G is probably a better choice.
  5. If we have an agreement in writing and I take it to an impartial lawyer they will say "you're right" or "you're wrong" or "it's badly written, could go either way". If it's clear I'm wrong my lawyer will say don't waste your time in court, if you're wrong yours will. Only if it's unclear do you go to court to argue, but if that's the case you shouldn't be confident enough to say it will be over in [time frame]. Expansys aren't new to the shipping game so their contracts are not going to be badly written and for that reason to me the court theory makes no sense. Of course there's always
  6. If they are that confident about the outcome of going to court it seems unlikely the other party would bother with the hassle and expense - lawyers earn at least 10x what a phone packer does and a packer could pack 100 phones in an 8 hour shift at just under 5 minutes a phone which seems reasonable - there are only ~2000 phones so two days at court and they're out of pocket, and they've got inventory clogging up their warehouse all that time. What does who gain from anything in this mess? From what I see everyone loses. Expansys look incompetent (the few perks/orders they did ship were
  7. I'm still optimistic but the fact that in two months no progress has been made in the contract negotiations really doesn't look good. This is not an ongoing contract to ship X phones a month for the next 5 years, it's simply to ship a fixed number of phones ASAP. The only point of contention is the price and assuming Hong Kong is like everywhere else prices are only going one way and that's up. If they can't/wont pay what's demanded now they'll be further away tomorrow. There's also the curious fact that December was given as an estimated shipping date months ago, as if they knew the n
  8. I don't want a second one but could buy on Expansys to actually get one this year if I could be assured of selling the IGG one later, but as always the update is vague - what is a "small" batch when it comes to complex manufacturing? The entire 2500 phones needed for IGG and outstanding website orders was already small enough to struggle to find anyone to bother making it, surely they'd need to round it up to 3000+ which puts the Expansys bit at nearly 17% of the total devices. That's a flooded market...
  9. So not so much decided to wait as thinking there was no choice, that's not so crazy. At least you didn't back one on IGG so you can cancel when you get tired of waiting, unlike most of us!
  10. I've seen some crazy things posted on this forum and this is right up there. Why did you chose to pay twice as much to wait indefinitely?
  11. You're not alone - no-one knows what's going on! The last update didn't say the stock was stolen so we have to assume Expansys bought some to sell and our phones are sitting on a pallet waiting for December when the faries are going to start shipping them.
  12. "Where is my phone?" Probably sat in Expansys' warehouse in China with mine and many others... "How many people have received their phone?" Some, no number has been released. They are also available to buy direct from Expansys and apparently ship fairly quickly. "Is ebay link legit?" I haven't seen anyone post their IMEI number (not a good idea) and the photos look good, the account is suspiciously private but did supposedly sell a PS4 to an establish business (63000 feedbacks) some time in the past 3 months so I'd happily bid on it.
  13. No experience here but just read the instructions and as I read it you run an app not Waydroid itself. Is this what you are doing? I'm very confused by the really - either something happens or it doesn't. (Apologies if this is because English isn't your first language) Another test, run "waydroid session stop" - if you don't get an error it was running.
  14. Found the below on the Mobian wiki, if you have the same files it's probably the same fix in Droidian 🙂
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