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Pro1-X Beta Test Scheme for Android OS

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Hey F(x)tec community!

We thought it would be a great idea to invite Pro1-X owners to come join our beta testing scheme!

We know our stock Operating System still needs optimising and requires further development, we believe with the help from our community members, it could speed up the progress of finding and fixing bugs/issues to provide you with a better user experience. Therefore, we created a Telegram group dedicated for users who are interested in testing new Android builds. Anyone with a Pro1-X will be eligible to participate in this programme.

However, before you go ahead and join, please read through the attached Disclaimer about this beta test scheme so you understand the risks involved with upgrading your Pro1-X to a beta firmware. The invite link will be at the end of the document.



FX Technology Beta Test Scheme - Updated Agreement and Disclaimer.pdf

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