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Found 5 results

  1. This is the complete guide on how to root your Pro1-X with Magisk. Rooting you Pro1-X can allow you to 'unlock' superuser permissions along with flashing custom ROMs. This process will require you to have OEM unlocked before proceeding as we will need to use Bootloader mode to flash a patched boot.img from Magisk. It should take around 20-30 minutes for users who are new with rooting their phones. Instructions for unrooting your Pro1-X are also included in this user manual. Click the attachment below to download the user manual for rooting your Pro1-X with Magisk. How to Root
  2. Fx Service is an Android application notably enabling Pro1 smart case support. It also provides various solutions to common Pro1 problems or simply new features including: Smart case support: configurable lock and wake functionalities. Screen filter overlay to lower display brightness beyond system settings. Configurable vibration upon keyboard key action. Alternative auto-rotate solution to bypass system auto-rotate which tends to get stuck. Filter out unwanted system key input. Feel free to post here to discuss bugs and feature requests.
  3. Hey F(x)tec community! We thought it would be a great idea to invite Pro1-X owners to come join our beta testing scheme! We know our stock Operating System still needs optimising and requires further development, we believe with the help from our community members, it could speed up the progress of finding and fixing bugs/issues to provide you with a better user experience. Therefore, we created a Telegram group dedicated for users who are interested in testing new Android builds. Anyone with a Pro1-X will be eligible to participate in this programme. However, before you go ahea
  4. I've been using mostly Chrome but lately switched to Vivaldi Snapshot as it has an option to hide the status bar thus going full screen in landscape which is neat.
  5. ...i still dot have fx, but i will use bromite ( Chromium) - adblock browser 🙂
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