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47 minutes ago, Jayne M Francis said:

does anyone know when pro1 will update to android 10?

It never will.  The contractor who was responsible for stock Android on the Pro1 is no longer involved.  Your best bet (for so many reasons) is to switch to Lineage which is up to Android 12.

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As @Hook wrote, there will be no more official updates of Android 9 for the Pro1, let alone upgrades to newer major releases.

While there are several options to get your Pro1 an up-to-date OS, LineageOS is certainly the least obscure and, combined with a suitable distribution of the Google Apps, will give you the most "Android-like" experience.  

Installing LineageOS on the Pro1 is easy if you follow the instructions in the Wiki: https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/pro1/. Presently, the officially supported release is LineageOS 19.1, which is based on the Android 12 Open Source Project (AOSP).

Please especially note the advice about backing up you data before flashing LineageOS or be prepared to lose it.

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Is there any custom ROM available for Pro1 that includes SafetyNet patches in the firmware? To my understanding it also requires that GAPPS are preinstalled. I know how to install SafetyNet patches with root afterwards but I would like to have more user friendly solution. Hiding root for some apps can be pain in the ass in the long run (cat and mouse game).

I have Xperia XZ1 Compact with Havoc OS custom ROM (Android 12) and it passes SafetyNet without any mods. All banking apps works etc. Would like to have the same for Pro1.

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