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  1. Got it today, and took it apart, in an irreparable way. It is clearly one contiguous display., with a click-mat on top, that years back were transparent (...yuck it was gross beneath the metal frame on top...).
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  2. I wonder if the Pro2 could actually be that way... With an e-ink display under transparent keys 😍
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  3. Some time ago, I recommended Devuan as my GNU/Linux distribution of choice for installation in a chroot of LineageOS. Today, I wanted to upgrade my xrdp-pulseaudio modules (providing seamless sound forwarding to Android when using my X11 desktop) and found out that installing them on Devuan is not possible in a straightforward way using the tools provided on neutrinolabs' GitHub repo. The reason is that the drivers need to be compiled against the pulseaudio sources matching the version of each respective distribution. On Devuan, the command: # sudo apt build-dep pulseaudio fai
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