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  1. That's quite similar experience I had before fixing the antennas of my prawn-x. One one side of my flat calls and data would work, on the other not at all. Can depend on what bands are strongest in different places ... Also in my case, wifi was unaffected and always worked. Its on a separate antenna module.
  2. Supporting what @Hook wrote, and quoting the official LineageOS wiki: Alternative ROMs cannot magically fix problems that reside in the hardware or the binary blobs of the Pro1X. Are you sure WiFi, LTE and GPS worked fine with stock Android?
  3. I'm sure you could ask way more for an OG Pro1 in such good condition. I'd be very much tempted, but i've got a spare prawn already. Would be a pity if yours had to spend its remaining life in a drawer. Hope it will find another loving owner...
  4. I use it for remote-controlling my Pro1. Works well, but the refresh rates are rather low. Obviously, this requires a third device to act as the VNC client between the phone and the external display, so it's certainly no solution for all use cases ... Also, as any mirroring technique based on screengrabbing, it cannot be used to display DRM protected content (Netflix, Prime ...). Luckily the Pro1 has true HDMI ...
  5. Depending on your needs, you might want to add the Izzy repository to F-Droid. It has a lot of interesting open-source stuff that does not (yet) meet the acceptance criteria for the official F-Droid repo. Aurora Store is what you want to be able to install (free) software from the Google Appstore. Some apps (e.g. official Firefox) are not on F-Droid, despite being open source ... Congrats on getting things going at last!
  6. As far as remember, you do have to "accept" the Google terms, even if you skip connecting the device to a Google account. That's probably because the Google Services are already installed in the Stock ROM, whether you want to use them or not. It's been a long time for me though ... That being said, the only point with enabling USB debugging in Stock Android is to trigger that initial reboot to the bootloader, which you can indeed also just do manually with the "Volume Dn + Power" combo. While there really is no special trick about it, let me try a step-by-step: Power off the de
  7. Fully agree. When I first got my Pro1-X, there simply were no Google-free OS options yet. Still, I remember I was able to start the phone without linking it to any Google account.
  8. Correct. The recommendation of backing up your partitions is lore from the early days of the Pro1-X and is largely obsolete now. To my knowledge no one has found a way to actually restore backed-up partition images. In some cases trying to do so seems to actually have caused the very troubles the backups should protect you from. If you want to flash LineageOS: Just look at the instructions at lineageos.org. They are up-to date with all required steps, including unlocking the bootloader and flashing the initial recovery image. My advice is to just follow that guide line-by-line, and t
  9. Just my personal opinion: I wouldn't bother with any derivative distributions and just use upstream official LineageOS. If you use that without GApps, it's pretty close to /e/-OS. The main thing they might have added is disabling AGPS (you decide whether that is a good thing.) The main security (and thus privacy) concerns with the Pro1-X are the ageing Qualcomm binary blobs, taken from Stock Android and stuck in 2022. No open-source project can change anything about that anyway ...
  10. It's not. Just follow the LineageOS wiki precisely. The Pro1X images at lineageos.org are ready-to-run ports of the OS, that support all the Pro1-X's hardware already and are updated OTA once per week (if you let them). No worries. The biggest obstacle can be to find a PC and USB port that supports fastboot reliably. Can be a bit of trial-and-error. This is not specific to the Pro1s though, and you might also just be lucky ...
  11. Building on @Hook's answer: I believe the Pro1-X still always comes with official (i.e. googlified) Android, no matter what OS you ordered. You have to flash a Google-free variant yourself. Take a minute to read about the procedures and options, following the various links on that entry point he posted. You will probably want to flash LineageOS 21. Choose between the official version without GApps or substitutes, or the derivative LineageOS-MicroG. I have always only used the former myself. For guidance, follow the very good instructions on the LineageOS wiki. Once booted, install F-Droid
  12. There has been a lot of restructuring of build-targets in the last three weeks: https://review.lineageos.org/q/project:LineageOS/android_device_fxtec_pro1 I guess with the QPR scheme regressions breaking functionality within one major release have become more likely ...
  13. I've uploaded my latest build of LineageOS 16.0 for Pro1 (SD835) at: http://findus.zwergenschaenke.net/~puma/linux.html#lineagepro1 Go for the ROM dated "20240620". Changes since last month: Include backported Android security patches up to the June 2024 ASB. Update bundled version of WebView to Chromium 125.0.6422.165. As usual, the full patchlog with respect to the unmodified, official LOS 16.0 tree is available at the link above. Have fun.
  14. adb is not supported on the bootloader level. Use fastboot. Step-by-step guides on flashing back to stock are found here: Disclaimer: I have not tested those instructions myself.
  15. For the few remaining fans of Pie, I have just uploaded a new build of my unofficial LineageOS 16.0 for Pro1 (SDS835). At http://findus.zwergenschaenke.net/~puma/linux.html#lineagepro1 go for the ROM dated "20240515". After many months of near-inactivity on my side, this build again introduces significant improvements (or so I think). As usual, it gives you security patches backported from the ASB up to May 2024. Beyond that, I finally upgraded the bundled version of WebView -- which had not been updated in 2 years -- to Chromium 124.0.636.82 (the version used by recent LOS 21).
  16. Those mounting brackets and RPi4 CMs might be official spare parts for the Linxdot miner that is/was marketed by F(x)tec. Still strange these items pop up on Ebay.
  17. Someone named fxtec_21 purports to sell 200 brand-new Pro1/X earphones on ebay: Fxtec In-Ear Earphones - Wired with built-in Microphone - 4 replacement Ear tips Strange, as those are (and afaik have always been) listed as out-of-stock on their own shop: https://store.fxtec.com/product/fxtec-pro1/ Not that I'd like to buy them (the shipping cost to continental Europe is 4x the unit price), but out of curiosity: Is this official?
  18. Can one flash the phone through such adapters? I.e. can one do things like "fastboot flash" or "adb sideload" safely without removing the adapter? I was considering something like this, but since I sometimes flash my Prawns several times per week, it'd likely loose the adavantage of reduced wear of the USB socket if I had to remove and re-plug the adapter each time.
  19. I'm still using Lineage 16.0 productively, where walking through multiple layouts via Cmd-Space actually works. Did not know this was broken in recent LOS. Still, I much preferred the graphical selector, as I cannot remember the location of characters not printed on the keys ... 😄
  20. The lineage keyboard driver is different on the linux level of keycode mapping. I guess that is the reason why it may not work with third party remapping apps. However, this is also not necessary, as the LOS driver (on Pro1, not Pro1-X!) natively provides powerful options for remapping of Fn-combos. But that is not the point: I do not want to remember keys not printed on the keyboard. Therefore the popup selector came in very handy for me. It is (and has always been) true that some apps do not support showing the selector upon long-press. That's the case e.g. for ConnectBot. I g
  21. Thanks for checking in LineageOS 21, which I can't do easily. I type a lot of German and French characters. With my previous Pro1's QWERTZ keyboard, most of those could be entered natively. But both my Pro1-X and my "new" Pro1 are QWERTY, so it is becoming more of a problem now. Apps that have the broken selector: K9-Mail, MaterialFiles, Notally, OSMAnd~, SimpleCalendar Pro, VLC, F-Droid, AuroraStore. (Recently updated) Apps that haven't got the problem (yet?): Firefox, NewPipe, VanillaMusic, QKSMS. I guess it depends on the target SDK specified when building the app, and therefore I
  22. Anyone else noticed that the accented-character selector box, that pops up when long-pressing a key on the hardware keyboard, is garbled in most apps nowadays? One of the last Apps I have that properly supports the feature is QKSMS, where you, e.g., get the following when long-pressing the 'A' key on the hw keyboard: Pretty useful, eh? Sadly, most Apps now display the selector like this: The example is from K9-Mail, but it really happens in most recent Apps that support the ALPHA keyboard features at all. Note that the selector basically works: You can blindly hit
  23. Even though I think we actually all agree, let me illustrate my point. This is NewPipe, actually a very nice FLOSS YouTube client (available on F-Droid) : Beautiful, isn't it? Now, let's flip out the Pro1's hardware keyboard, forcing the app into landscape, and look at this tragedy: Literally one third of the screen is occupied by ... a rectangular red bar?! The amount of information displayed on screen is less than 40% of what you see in portrait mode. When browsing through content, you can't do long, efficient strokes with your finger, but have to perform many smal
  24. Good point guys, that I hadn't thought of. Of course these foldables are still quite uncommon. But if prices drop at some point ... maybe this is the closest to a pocket computer we will have ...
  25. In a sense, they return to their roots by making a keyboard accessory for a phone. In the light of the not-all-that-positive experience they've made as a full phone manufacturer, this must seem like the reasonable move for them to do. One of the things that the Pro1//Pro1X story has shown is that OS development and -- more importantly -- continued maintenance of that OS seems to be nearly impossible for a small-volume company. In that view it makes sense that they now restrict themselves to addon keyboards again. Also, targeting the iPhones makes a lot of sense (even though I am no Apple
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