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  1. For some phones, the bootloader can be re-locked after LineageOS has been installed, provided they have not been rooted. I know that this is possible e.g. on the FairPhone 3. However, this is not generally the case, and users here have reported that they bricked their prawns while trying ...
  2. Check if your SD partition gets mounted with a SELinux context (see my edited post above regarding this aspect). If yes, I would first try to disable the latter ("/vendor/bin/setenforce 0"). In fact, I'd do that anyway, just to be sure. ^^ If you mean this bug: https://gitlab.com/LineageOS/issues/android/-/issues/3321 reported by @EskeRahn, I think that was introduced only in LOS 18.1. As far as I understand, things were fine in 16.0 and 17.1. I do not know for sure, though, as I'm not using multiple keyboard layouts on my 16.0 ROM. If you provide me with sufficiently precise
  3. Actually, I was wrong in my previous post. In LOS 16.0, the ext3 partition does get mounted automatically under /mnt/media_rw/. I then just bind-mount that file to wherever I want (/data/DEBIAN, in my case). The difference to ext4 (and my reason for using it) was that Android 9 does not seem to subject ext3 partitions to a SELinux security context, which would effectively prevent a seperate (chrooted) OS to run on them. Sorry for causing confusion, it's just quite long ago that I set this all up. Look at the initial lines of my chroot script above: #!/system/bin/sh # # Script to set u
  4. I haven't made a better picture than the uploaded one. However, @Whitey have a pretty nice one in their post above:
  5. On LOS 16.0, ext3 is supported in the kernel. I do not know about LOS 20, but it would surprise me if someone had removed something as basic as ext2/3 from the config. Check this on your device: # cat /proc/filesystems nodev sysfs nodev rootfs nodev ramfs nodev bdev nodev proc nodev cpuset nodev cgroup nodev cgroup2 nodev tmpfs nodev configfs nodev debugfs nodev tracefs nodev sockfs nodev pipefs nodev devpts ext3 ext2 ext4 vfat msdos nodev ecryptfs nodev sdcardfs fuseblk nodev fuse nodev fusectl f
  6. What f(x)tec euphemistically refer to as a "sleep state" means nothing else than that the battery erroneously got depleted to literally 0.0 V, so that there is no energy whatsoever left in it. The "battery protection" system should normally prevent this from happening. Not only is so deep discharging bad for a Li-battery's life expectancy, it also turns out that Android actually always needs enough residual charge left to boot its kernel before re-charging from USB can start. So, yes, once bitten by the battery depletion bug, there is no other way than to either 1) send the phone back
  7. Happened to me once with LOS 20. The battery literally ran down to 0.00 V and I had to use a lab PSU to recharge it -- definitely not something you want to do every week. @Sean McCreary confirmed that it is a problem with the proprietary BMC code, so the fix needs to come to Stock before community OSs can pick it up. I do not believe it is fixed in 2.1.5 as that has been around since September last year, and f(x)tec reportedly were working on the issue as recently as in March. Maybe in that 2.1.6-beta?
  8. According to their website, you can use "apt, dnf, pacman and yay" interchangeably. apt will use the Ubuntu repos, pacman those from Arch, and dnf will get its packages from Fedora. P.S.: As a hardcore Debian user, who even hesitates to mix "stable" and "testing" packages, I am horrified by the idea to blend together several distributions that are completely unrelated. But that's a different question ... 😉
  9. I do not know BlendOS, but it appears it can use the Ubuntu package repositories. In that case a simple sudo apt install adb fastboot should provide you with everything you need to follow e.g. the flashing instructions from the LineageOS wiki.
  10. The Pro1-X can can do off-mode-charging. I have it enabled and working on one of the Lineage beta releases. That being said -- as @Sean McCreary clarified in another thread -- Android devices are not truly "off" during "off-mode-charging". The Linux kernel and battery management software need to be up and running, just like if the device was switched "on". The only difference is that the Android GUI is not loaded. Now the problem with the Pro1-X is that it's got a bug which allows the battery to discharge completely. If that happens, the device is bricked, irrespective of off-mode-ch
  11. @jakfish, @Hook, @brunoais: I respect (and sometimes admire) your point of view. However, please let's agree on that the Pro1-X was not marketed as an HPPC, but as a phone that could (maybe) double as an HPPC. Let's also not forget that it was meant to be delivered with LineageOS (OK, we finally have that now thanks to community support) and UbuntuTouch (nowhere close). Let's further not forget that it was supposed to come with HDMI-Out to enhance that HPPC aspect (especially with UBTouch). I do not see how my Pro1-X is fulfilling any of those design goals. That's why I, sadly, shelved it
  12. Another update of LineageOS 16.0 (for SD835-Pro1 only) is available at https://findus.zwergenschaenke.net/~puma/linux.html#lineagepro1. The ROM dated 20230516 gives you backported security patches up to the 5 May 2023 ASB. No other changes since last month. As usual you can refer to the tarball of local mods to learn all about differences with respect to the official lineage-16.0 tree. Have fun!
  13. It's really hard to interpret those lines differently than that further development of stock Android (on which all alternative OS's rely on in the end!) is essentially off the table. Bad news for anyone who hoped for updated driver modules or firmwares that would fix network reliability issues. This is the second month in a row with no news whatsoever on in-house software development or bug-fixing (after we've been in "the final sprint" for an OTA since November or so). Do not get me wrong: Yes, it's great that we have LOS 20.0. But that's a community effort. In my understanding, F(x)tec
  14. ... well that's the point: I want to stay on my custom LOS 16.0 ROM, but have backported quite a few fixes from later LOS releases. That's why I was asking about the specific patch to look at ... 🙂
  15. I'm about to update my LOS builds with the May 2023 ASB fixes. So I repeat my question: Does anyone know what patch in LOS 17 or 18 apparently fixed low-brightness screen colours on the Pro1? Would love to include that one ...
  16. As you have guessed, I find this hard to believe, indeed. @tdm once argued that the green tint problem was likely related to lack of stringent screen calibration, something supposed to be near-unaffordable for small-series manufacturers, so that it is essentially a matter of luck, whether you get a green-tint screen or now ... Are you able to point out the LineageOS patch that you think did this magic for you? If it exists, I would love to backport that fix to my LOS 16.0. However, I'm not able to find anything that seems related, neither in the pro1-specific LOS 17.1, nor the LOS 18
  17. In LOS 16.0, there is a setting "System > Gestures > Jump to Camera". Enabling that causes the camera app to launch when the power button is pressed twice. Not sure that feature exists in later LOS versions, but if yes, you might want to make sure it is disabled. Otherwise accidential double-presses of the power button might indeed cause the behaviour you observe.
  18. The thread you are looking for is here: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/3204-display-units-with-large-tap-insensitive-margin/page/9/ However, I do not think we had a case of Pro1-X with this problem yet. For the Pro1, the usual fix was to flash back to the initial stock (Android 9) OS. Not sure it works similarly for the Pro1-X ...
  19. I'm a big fan of LineageOS. But for completeness, let's mention that there seem to be some apps that refuse to install and/or run on LineageOS, because they identify the system as "unsafe" (unlocked bootloader and all that ...). Yes, it is nonsensical to consider stock Android 9 -- with by now hundreds of unpatched security holes -- as "safe", but, apparently, that's what they do ...
  20. The FP3 also has an LCD. But especially at low brightness it looks way better than my Pro1's AMOLED. Also: No f**ing rounded edges! 😄 It's not all in spec sheets.
  21. Dear @Slion, I think I've got an idea how you are feeling. While I haven't retired my Pro1 yet, I also use the HW keyboard less and less. Partly, this is because some keys are becoming more and more unreliable, which makes typing a frustrating experience. Mostly, however, my use cases for the keyboard are much fewer than I had initially expected. I came to the Pro1 from an N900, which had an OS and an app ecosystem that was designed around landscape use of the phone. This is simply not true with Android. While almost all apps support landscape in some way, few make intelligent use of
  22. If the issues are software-related at all (which has not been proven), it is reasonable to assume that the bugs are in the drivers and/or their firmwares. Those bits are closed-source and cannot be fixed by LineageOS. They just re-use them 1:1 from stock.
  23. No, we don't. What we do know is that F(x)tec have been struggling to fulfill the pending orders and IGG perks for the better part of a year, and the situation does not seem to clear up. The phone might eventually become reavailable for purchase from their web store, but I wouldn't hold my breath. That being said, quite a few phones have been delivered (though mostly not by F(x)tec), and unboxed-but-unused Pro1-Xs pop up on ebay all the time. So it shouldn't be that hard to get one if you really want it. Then again, you might ask yourself why the Pro1-X is easily available on the sec
  24. As @Sean McCreary clarified in the LOS 20 thread, off-mode-charging cannot actually protect you from the battery-depletion-bug. The Pro1X's (and likely any other Android devices's) charging is controlled by the OS in all cases. Seemingly, this means that some minimal amount of battery-charge is always required to boot the OS to the level where power-supply can be actively handed-over to a USB-connected PSU - irrespective of whether only the "charging screen" is loaded, or the full Android/Lineage GUI. Do not ask me why things are designed this insane way. It just seems to be the reality
  25. @SchattengestaIt Those are amazing hardware hacks. Many thanks for sharing! We're slowly getting to where the maemo.org forum left off ... 😉
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