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  1. Thanks for the work, people. Life got in the way here a bit. I did a bit of digging based on the rar shared in this thread by Kaali: The APK does seem to contain code to write config data to the chip (com.goodix.tools.ICParametersConfig.class). I attached a version of the *.cfg converted to decimal, separated by newlines. There are 239 bytes in total, which do not seem to map cleanly to the config information in the datasheet. I also attached a version of the flashing instructions with Google translations in them. I used the APK with my Pro1 in USB debugging mode, and after havi
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  2. Citing from the disassembly guide (https://github.com/imax9000/fxtec-pro1-teardown): When inserting phone body into back casing, insert the edge with buttons first, then push the rest in. Starting from any other edge is a sure way to shear those buttons off. (Guess how I know this... I assume, that's what happened here.
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  3. Peronally I have long been advocating for one hand operability, and this means a limit around 65mm wide. BUT there are two drawbacks on that. One is lesser keys (or for me worse: fewer). Secondly the display would be lesser, and that again would mean less information (=a lot of scrolling) or the use of a font so small that it gets beyond what my aging eyes can handle without extra glasses. Also remember that the newer ugly material design wastes more screen space, so many apps are today designed for the oversized phablets and not phone-size (quite similar to a lot of apps working poorly i
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  4. The principal difference keyboardwise (apart from the opening system) is that Pro1 got more but minor keys. So I expect what is the best for a specific person depends on if they need A-Z (almost) only, or have fingers that struggle with small keys, if so the larger keys are likely to be a plus. If you on the other hand want national letters and other keys in their standard positions the Pro1 is likely to be a better choice.
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  5. I've been running 19,1 since I got my phone back, for about two weeks now. Last version I installed was 19-20220704-NIGHTLY-pro1. I just use the auto-updater. - SwiftKey combo doesn't really work that well with Google Chat and Signal. - Charging issue remains. I must reboot, otherwise it won't charge. - Bluetooth signal and/ or background processing is very bad. Multitasking while streaming Tidal will produce choppy sound and/ or intermittent connection. Even when the receiving end is within 10cm. - Unable to get a GPS fix. I can leave it on in an open field, clear skies, for hours,
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