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Found 2 results

  1. how do linux users access the Pro1 data directories using the "File Transfer"-mode with the USB port ? i don't mean the MTP-mode, that will only show camera data. i used mtpfs and lately jmtpfs on various Android phones successfully - but on the Pro1 specifically i succeed only as root to do so, and not as regular user like on the other phones. bizarre, right ? for the linux fanatics : i use Slackware -current.
  2. The purpose of this thread is to share tips and experiences on transferring files between phones and other devices, whether through wired or wireless connections. Whether you use USB or WiFi or Bluetooth or FTP or WebDAV or SMB or something else, please share your solutions. This started out as a conversation in another thread. @EskeRahn has moved the applicable posts to this thread. The rest of this post was the first post in the old thread that started talking about this topic: ... I would certainly be using it for charging more than file transfers, and I can do most file transfers over a slow USB connection or wifi, but there are times when it sure would be nice to have that extra speed, when I'm in a hurry. But the answer to that is just to get a non-magnetic cable and unplug the magnetic tip and use the fast cable for those rare situations I guess. I'm curious what the max real-world speed is that anyone has gotten out of the Pro1 when transferring data from the phone to a PC over the USB-C connection with a faster version of USB?
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