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  1. Hey that's fine 🙂 I didn't know you were (again 😉 ) the only one to work on it. As for /e/ - I find it unfair of you to call it a 'rip-off'. For one you can't "rip-off" an open-source project [unless you talk about violating the license covering it]. You fork it. Which is what /e/ is. A fork. With a lot of stuff that, a few years ago, were in LineageOS/CyanogenMod. All of which was removed from LineageOS over time. Default, built-in root? Removed. Ability to fake or obfuscate geolocation? Removed. On top of all of that, /e/ is an actual no-google-spy stuff distribution.
  2. Hey, hope you had a couple nice days and a happy new year 😉 I need it to be able to flash /e/ as it seems. When I try to flash from a LineageOS recovery iso I get a weird error. Apparently that doesn't happen with TWRP.
  3. Is there any update on TWRP? What is needed for it to work on the pro1? I kinda need it apparently.
  4. huh, my last information was that TWRP didn't work with the Pro1 due to A/B stuff and encryption? I'll look into this, thank you! @Jeremiah Cornelius I wasn't using TWRP initially. I was using the LineageOS ROM.
  5. Hi again, /e/ is based on LineageOS so it should work. Did anyone give it a try? I tried compiling it myself but the resulting .zip file isn't flashable. I'm receiving Error applying update: 26 (ErrorCode : : kDownloadMetadataSignatureMismatch) when I try to sideload the .zip file. Guessing something went wrong during the compilation, but no error was reported. Wondered if anyone might have had more luck.
  6. So, I got my phone back a few weeks ago and it was my fault all along. Apparently some metal thingi got stuck at the bottom of the USB port and the tech had to dig that out. Their best guess is that it came from a USB cable. I checked the fxtec cable, which was fine, and two cabls I tried after the phone wouldn't connect anymore. None of them have damages I can detect - then again, I didn't find that metal piece either. Advice to anyone having a similar problem: Be thorough when checking the USB port.
  7. @Serolfic hey , did you get your phone back yet? I'm having a similiar problem where my phone has now been in repair for >6 weeks and nearly 4 weeks ago I got an info from support telling me it would be done in 'two weeks' and since then I haven't heared anything. They aren't responding to my pleas for an update on the situation either.
  8. Months ago my Pro1's USB port decided to stop working after less than 100 connect/disconnects (I had barely used the device because the software was just nowhere near what I deemed 'ready for daily use'). Due to some issues it took me a while to send the phone to FxTec and now it has been lieing there for 6 weeks. So @DieBruine's decision to repair the phone herself was the right choice. *Edit* To anyone reading this: the USB port was fine. A piece of metal got stuck at the bottom of the port. Support fixed it. Also I should get my eyes checked. Probably.
  9. okay, yes, fair point. You can get a version with 2GB more RAM and double the memory capacity. In any case, I would've hoped for more. Wireless charging for example (hint: my Pro1 is still in repair due to the broken USB C port.), a slightly bigger battery and a newer CPU (-> energy efficiency) and a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone where it belongs.
  10. Am I missing something here? The tech stats for the Pro1-X are the exact same as for the Pro1. Is this a relaunch? Same CPU, same RAM, same screen, same camera, same (shitty) spot to put a fingerprint sensor at.
  11. 1:50 pm has come and passed without any email. Now what? Or are we playing Timezone bingo here?
  12. Found the specs on the new device Head here for details! SCNR
  13. Yeah I'll contact support later today. I don't really want to take the phone apart as long as there is warranty on it 😉
  14. So, I went through 3 USB cables that all work and the charger I have. None of them work, unless I force it in and then don't touch the phone. At all, because all of them slip out very easily as well. I can still feel the slight 'bump' that should hold the cable in place when connected, but it just doesn't. The USB port is - sadly - clean, no lint. And all of those cables work just fine with the phone I've been using for the past 4 years: My Moto Z Play. That has never even seen the inside of a case 😉 Which brings me to the next point: No, I do not have a phone case. But, until yester
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