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  1. @Rob. S. eh, it's not just Telekom. The entire 3G network is being shut off in Germany in favour of 4G/5G. See -> https://www.computerbase.de/2021-06/3g-abschaltung-telekom-vodafone-telefonica/ (German article with rough time estimates). And yes, in my apartment/house you don't get GSM reception. I'm not so sure about it. The speaker works fine for me most of the time, it's just sometimes the audio switches to muffled for some reason, but that also happens when I make the call via Wifi. While standing next to the router. I'm not sure what causes the buzzing/static on the receivin
  2. So I've finally started using my Pro1, running with MicroG for Lineage distribution and I'm pretty happy with the phone except for one thing: The audio quality during phone calls is bad. People I call hear static/buzzing all the time unless I switch to hands-free mode - make of that what you will, I don't get it. During a call - without either party moving - the audio quality switches from 'normal' to 'muffled' and back again all the time. This happens both with Wifi calls (and me sitting right next to the router) and 4G calls. Since 3G has been switched off in Germany I can't tes
  3. aaand that was one of the parts I was missing. Thank you. @claude0001 ah. To be fair I didn't see the adb push thing. But the first way doesn't work [quote]Connect the UBports device and the PC with a USB cable. Then copy the file using your file-manager.[/quote] because the device isn't recognized - I think I described that before.
  4. @mibry I don't understand how to apply that fix. I can't edit those files from a terminal on the device, I can't ssh into Ubuntu Touch when it is running because no ssh service is running, I can't just copy files via USB because the device isn't recognized correctly and when I boot into recovery and connect via adb shell after mounting the filesystem, I can see all the files in /system_root but I can't execute vim.tiny to change anything. Oh and I can't set up a SSH server in Ubuntu Touch because I would have to copy my public key over aaand as I said I can't copy any files.
  5. uhm, could you post that fix? Because I couldn't find anything (useful) when I searched for that error.
  6. @mibry I can install a Ubuntu Xenial Xerus container, however I can't install any packages. During the installation the log spits out a bunch of mknod: fb0-: Permission denied makedev fb0 c29 0 root video 0660: failed messages and then ends with rm: cannot remove /dev/sde16: Permission denied and a general error that the installation process failed. Also see my previous post as I found two more issues.
  7. Surprisingly, this worked. Thank you! I first flashed the original image as described here -> And then I installed uboot-installer 0.54-beta by cloning the repository and checking out this branch here and then running npm install npm start The first attempt failed as the Pro1 wouldn't boot into recovery mode, but after restarting the phone, exiting the installer, going back to the boot menu and restarting the installer it worked. It just took a long time before I got into the start menu. @Raksura pinging you here as you had a detailed list of what worked and what d
  8. I tried flashing stable at first and now edge, both with the same result of the phone not booting. If anyone has any experience with Ubuntu Touch and is able and willing to help, this is what I can see in the /cache/ubuntu_updater.log file after waiting for 10 minutes for the device to start and then rebooting it into recovery mode: A/B slot system detected! Slot suffix is _b Formating: system system partition: /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/system-b umount /system_root: Invalid argument mke2fs 1.43.3 /04-Sep-2016) Discarding device blocks: 4096/786432????????????????????????????
  9. I noticed something on the screenshot I took - from which I posted the small snippet above - which is the small selection box at the bottom of the installer screen. In there it lists all available images, including the FxTec Pro / Pro-X image (as feared they seem to have consolidated the two, which could mean that going forward only the Pro-X will be supported). After selecting the entry from that list I was able to install Ubuntu Touch on the Pro1. *edit* It doesn't boot. I can still get into the recovery mode and the boot manager but I can't start Ubuntu Touch.
  10. How though? FxTec's effort is focused on the Pro1-X. Not the Pro1. Also this guy says that the port was done by FxTec, not by the Ubuntu Touch community.
  11. @claude0001 let's talk about this here in the appropirate thread. The screenshot/snippet I posted was from the ubports-installer and it clearly shows that installation is not possible/supported. The installation method detailed in this thread is sketchy at best. It requires TWRP when TWRP isn't available for the Pro1 as detailed by this thread ->
  12. Let's talk about that in the Ubuntu Touch thread. I pinged you there.
  13. *edit* this post was previously posted over here -> What does this mean for Ubuntu Touch on the original Pro1? As of now it isn't possible to install it and the Pro1 shows up as not supported. I've seen some people having managed to install it, I'm guessing those were Ubuntu Touch developers.
  14. Hey that's fine πŸ™‚ I didn't know you were (again πŸ˜‰ ) the only one to work on it. As for /e/ - I find it unfair of you to call it a 'rip-off'. For one you can't "rip-off" an open-source project [unless you talk about violating the license covering it]. You fork it. Which is what /e/ is. A fork. With a lot of stuff that, a few years ago, were in LineageOS/CyanogenMod. All of which was removed from LineageOS over time. Default, built-in root? Removed. Ability to fake or obfuscate geolocation? Removed. On top of all of that, /e/ is an actual no-google-spy stuff distribution.
  15. Hey, hope you had a couple nice days and a happy new year πŸ˜‰ I need it to be able to flash /e/ as it seems. When I try to flash from a LineageOS recovery iso I get a weird error. Apparently that doesn't happen with TWRP.
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