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  1. Yeah I'll contact support later today. I don't really want to take the phone apart as long as there is warranty on it 😉
  2. So, I went through 3 USB cables that all work and the charger I have. None of them work, unless I force it in and then don't touch the phone. At all, because all of them slip out very easily as well. I can still feel the slight 'bump' that should hold the cable in place when connected, but it just doesn't. The USB port is - sadly - clean, no lint. And all of those cables work just fine with the phone I've been using for the past 4 years: My Moto Z Play. That has never even seen the inside of a case 😉 Which brings me to the next point: No, I do not have a phone case. But, until yester
  3. Yeah I don't think my latest flash did this 😉 . This is definetly some kind of hardware issue as if I push the cable in with a bit more force I get a solid connection. But that requires more force than what I deem 'neccessary'.
  4. Hi, so now that I can finally start using the phone, the USB connector has given out on me. I tried two different USB cables that both work on my previous phone and the best I get is that the battery is being charged. Neither in the boot menu (via fastboot), nor in recovery mode nor in 'normal' mode does the phone react to being connected to the USB cable, except sometimes as said above it starts charging but usually just the LED light on the top right comes on without the battery charging. My computer doesn't show device in any of those cases, not even a failed USB connection.
  5. So, I just finished setting up Lineage on my phone and then wanted to connect it to my PC so I could copy some files over from the previous phone...and now the Pro1 isn't recognizing the USB connection (in USB settings everything is greyed out) and my PC isn't seeing the device either (nothing in dmesg, nothing in lsusb). The phone is charging though. Connecting my old phone to the same USB cable works (phone is recognized). I'm not sure what to do now. Could the USB port on the Pro1 be broken already? Nevermind, phone is also not recognized in bootloader nor recovery mode. Th
  6. sorry, I didn't type the 'boot' part in there. Before we had to specifically select a boot slot (for example boot_a) but taking your later response to another issue I had we don't have to worry about boot_a/boot_b anymore now that this is an official lineage image. Thanks.
  7. @tdm That is the thing: I lack the knowledge to know if things just changed because it is now a lineage image or if the wiki is wrong. There are just a lot of differences between what was on your site and what it says on the lineage site.
  8. oh, okay. But you need to know which slot it is to switch back to it to get to recovery and sideload the zip file? Or is the switch back no longer neccessary?
  9. I'm sorry but could someone take another look at https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/pro1/install The instructions for flashing the recovery image are...weird. Something about temporary flashing? And the command doesn't match what we previously used either. Before: fastboot flash boot_a lineage.img According to the install page: fastboot flash lineage.img And then those confusing notes about wether an A/B device is used? I thought the Pro1 *is* an A/B device?
  10. Regarding issues with modem 'n stuff: I do not know if this is possible with Android (I believe it should with a rooted phone at the very least) but with 'real' Linux distributions (see: Maemo) on N900 you were able to send GSM commands to the modem device file with echo. And obviously you could also tail -f and see what responses you got.
  11. Would just like to confirm: With test22 WLAN connection is stable and energy usage is reduced compared to test20 and obviously test21.
  12. sorry, just flashing test22 now. Won't be able to write something before tomorrow evening though regarding battery usage.
  13. Test21: Something weird is definetly going on with the WLAN connectivity. I don't have a SIM card in my Pro1 yet, so I'm only connected via WLAN. I setup the phone on test20, then did some tests (all fine) including having the phone in standby for ~4 hours and waking it up again. All good. Now on test21, after having the phone in standby for 4 hours and waking it up again it was connected to an open WLAN that has a worse signal strength than my own and I have never been connected to that network. Once I opened WLAN settings I had to disconnect from that open WLAN and connect to my own. On
  14. Regarding the installation instructions: Is the switch back to slot A no longer required with the official image? That was the only thing that I noticed. Without testing any of that, it looks good.
  15. @acrux I mean, technically I did that. Test18 image was flashed, and then I flashed the permissive image. Or do you mean I shouldn't have sideloaded the .zip files? The way I understood it was that the permissive image is a full image just without the SELinux stuff enabled.
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