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  1. Regarding the installation instructions: Is the switch back to slot A no longer required with the official image? That was the only thing that I noticed. Without testing any of that, it looks good.
  2. @acrux I mean, technically I did that. Test18 image was flashed, and then I flashed the permissive image. Or do you mean I shouldn't have sideloaded the .zip files? The way I understood it was that the permissive image is a full image just without the SELinux stuff enabled.
  3. That is correct @tdm The two important bits - I believe - of information here are that I have Google apps installed (the package you have linked on your site) and that I do not have a SIM card in the phone.
  4. @tdm sorry, was a bit busy today, finally managed to flash the permissive image. For the record, I flashed the permissive image, did a factory reset, flashed the v18 .zip file, rebooted into recovery mode, flashed the GApps zip, rebooted and got into the wizard. I skipped the SIM question, because I don't have a SIM in the device, then connected to WiFi and as soon as the connection was established, the wizard started searching for updates and after that continued on as expected.
  5. Just for clarification: The wizard does connect to WiFi, but it doesn't proceed after the connection is established. Thanks for uploading the image, will try it tomorrow!
  6. I'd try that but ...if I get to the part where I can install apks and change settings in them, I'm well past the wizard ;). @tdm I'd be ok with the permissive boot image.
  7. I've done a fresh installation (Full wipe and flashing of .img and .zip and gapps), but when I try to get through the setup wizard I'm stuck at setting up a WiFi connection. The connection is established, but the process doesn't continue. I can only skip, but then I get stuck at the next screen (copying apps and files) - regardless of what I select I get an error "Login not possible" ("Anmeldung nicht möglich") This did work in test15.
  8. Oh this is interesting, although I'm a bit confused. My last information was that Ubuntu Touch was abandoned by Canonical and pretty much dead, which seems to be confirmed by the fact that the base image is 4 years old. But yet there are parts of the project still alive?
  9. Wait what? Since when is that available? I tried Firefox roughly 2 years ago and I'm very certain that you couldn't install any add-ons back then... In any case, thank you for telling me that!
  10. Ah nevermind then. But thanks for the info about the integrated ad-blocker!
  11. Curious, since this is based on Chromium: Is there any way to get the extensions available for desktop Chromium to work on this? That has long been an issue for me with Android, that I can't seem to install any extensions on neither Chrome nor Firefox, which makes both of them equally useless due to being susceptible to ad-infested websites and thus drive-by virus infections.
  12. HTTPS redirect on your domain would be less about "hiding" something and more about avoiding a situation where someone could alter the file/site content while it is downloaded/transmitted. As for boot problems: I never installed SailfishOS, but I was unable to sideload the test12.zip due to a timestamp issue. It said something about not being able to downgrade? I'm not sure when I flashed/sideloaded stuff before but it had been weeks at least and I wiped everything anyway before flashing the image with the german keyboard layout stuff. When test13 became available I tried again and it worked. No issues now. In fact, the german layout works perfectly - if one finds and sets the correct option (thank you @EskeRahn for telling us how to find it 😉 ). Thank you for making that work everyone! Lastly I have a question: I check your git repository every once in a while and despite all the work you did, I'm not seeing any commits there? The latest commit is about fixing the FM radio.
  13. Hello, welcome 'back' @tdm and thank you to y'all for investing time here!
  14. Thanks for explaining it @Polaris @Hook.
  15. Well, if the provider doesn't let you into their network with the Pro1, I'm not sure what you want from tdm/LineageOS at this point? The phone may (or may not?) support CDMA, but for some reason the providers that use CDMA don't support the phone. Not much the tdm/LineageOS can do here.
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