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  1. @roland I love how 'stiff' the keys are. And after just a couple minutes typing on it I can almost type blind. Always interesting to see how different our silly human brains work 😉
  2. I still can't really fathom that the cornerstone of this phone (the keyboard) is in such a bad state software and hardware wise. I have read some of the comments about that in the LineageOS post and I just can't wrap my head around any of that. I don't understand why they didn't just use a USB connector, use the kernel's default HID driver and be done with it. Instead they apparently did some really weird stuff that makes switching between languages basically impossible without some major adjustments that are currently being done by @tdm. As for the weight part and the 'clunkyness': That is something I love in the Pro1. I hate all these new phones that are basically flat as a piece of paper and weigh the same. I need some physical feedback from something I hold and this is finally a phone that provides that again. I can't understand how people use all these lightweight iPhone clones and not constantly let them slip through their fingers or forget them somewhere.
  3. @adidas88 if you connect the phone to a PC, does the PC recognize the Pro1? Does the Pro1 recognize the USB connection? Several years ago I had a friend whose phone would connect to other devices and we could even connect via adb or pull files from it but it wouldn't charge, no matter what we tried. In the end it had to be sent in and he got a new phone (apparently it wasn't just the battery being defective but also (parts of) the board?)
  4. @Craig I activated the terminal for Lineage/Android in the settings, then opened it and entered 'nano test' and typed around in there.
  5. @tdm please see the post again, I updated it a few minutes after I initially posted it. Seems like nano is more buggy than I thought 😉 I posted a second list with differences between the rest of the system and the nano thingi. Some things stay the same (backlight, the yellow keys not working for example). all/any of them. I can't get an @ sign for example. I tried both the fx-key and the yellow arrow that points to the upper right corner of the key. Neither of them + Q did anything. Or combined with any other key for that matter.
  6. ah tank you, yes that worked (adb root, then adb shell). Things wrong with the default when you set qwertz, tested in nano: Cursor keys not working. Arrow down moves the cursor to the right, arrow up moves the cursor to the left. Arrow right moves the cursor up, arrow left moves it down. ö outputs "M-CM-6", Ö outputs M-V^v ä outputs "M-CM-6", Ä outputs M-V^v < outputs ^, shift + < outputs "AM-BM-0" instead of > ß outputs M-C^= Caps lock doesn't do anything aside from turning on the light Yellow keys aren't working either, the modifier key for that is just not respected either shift+3 outputs "M-BM-'" the ` key doesn't do anything. keyboard key lighting doesn't come on. When in an Android app, say Chrome, the following things are different: ö and ä both output ö, shift + ö or ä both output Ö shift + < outputs ° ß works as expected Caps lock works as expected Shift+3 works and outputs § the ` key works as expected. Both with and without shift. Everything else works fine 🙂
  7. Wait - why do it in recovery mode?
  8. I get an adb shell. But I'm having trouble obtaining root permission. I activated root via adb in the developer options but when I'm in the adb shell I don't have root permission? @tdm are you building the lineageOS images without export WITH_SU=true?
  9. yeah. No modifications. I think I figured out my issue. I flashed the keyboard image to boot_a. Now I re-flashed everything and then flashed the keyboard image to boot_b and now at least it started now.
  10. I flashed the keyboard image but now the phone isn't starting anymore. Hangs at the fx logo. Do I need to factory reset again and sideload the zip file again?
  11. So the Pro1 keyboard works the same as every other laptop keyboard 'out there'. In which case I'm again stumped as to what makes this not 'just work'.
  12. Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by 'primarily shifted'? And it doesn't address what I can observe currently. If I press 'W' 'Q' appears on the screen, if I press 'R' 'E' appears on the screen and so on. Numbers are fine. (as in if I press '1' '1' appears).
  13. @EskeRahn uh but you said here -> that the keys are shifted? And if you use the QWERTZ layout with default settings and press 'z' you get a 't', instead of 'z' or 'y'.
  14. Yeah that doesn't sound quite right. I think @EskeRahn pointed out that the hardware keys are shifted on the QWERTZ model, which means that on your keyboard, after switching to German layout, you should get a 'z' when you press the physical key 't'. Unless I misunderstood something. Is it not possible to ask FxTec how they did it in their ROM and just copy their way of doing it?
  15. Could you test and verify that selecting a different language setting in the Android settings / FxTec physical Keyboard thingi does change what characters appear on screen? Because, as described in my issue report, currently changing that setting doesn't do anything.
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