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  1. sooner, later or shortly we all will get our devices and have fun with it!!! Also I'm happy you are still with us; even when that means I don't get your order 😜 feel free to come back to discord, you're welcome there :)
  2. actually I should work in software right now, but no motivation so I post here....
  3. I see you got your faith back! ❤️ Does this mean I do not get your device/order ? 😥
  4. It would be very nice if you could add "shortly" to the poll options, good sir.
  5. I would definitely prefer to get my device ASAP and then deal with bugs like that later. IMHO none of the known bugs is so bad that it would justify holding devices back.
  6. Thank you @Waxberry for the Update. Glad you figured that out! Can't wait for my Unit to arrive :) One Question tho, do you plan to release updates also as flashable images? That would be awesome. Keep going!!!
  7. So now real question, is it really worth 2k or even just 800 to get a device now?
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