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  1. indeed, infinite focus is blurry, but I have never used it before. according to google this seems to be a common LOS problem on many devices
  2. I sent you a PM with download links. Hope it works somehow.
  3. i7-6600U here and 20gb ram first build was <24h and if you do not clean up the output an update is faster. Updating Git takes a while. If you want I can give you my boot.img and you can test if it works for you installing the official builds.
  4. As far as I understand you would need my builds i you don't want to lose any data. I switched to building everything by my own with several packages included. If you have enough space left its easy to do, even if you have no idea what you are doing (look at me as proof) Do the pre-built lineage4microg images still not work?
  5. Sure, I can upload it but it is signed with my personal keys, so that could be a problem.
  6. Same here, they will send me a new display when they get new ones. Also they asked me to send them the old one for investigation. I hope they can get money back from their supplier as this really looks like a production fault.
  7. Hmm maybe something like "ghost touches and unresponsive area on lower screen. Oh and for me touching the display in the upper half seems to help to reduce the ghost touches. But also the unresponsive are remains.
  8. @EskeRahn Is it possible to rename the Thread? I think it would make sense to address the problem in the Title as there are a few people now with that problem.
  9. Exactly the same here. It happens for me when open or closed so i don't think its the cable. After lying around the night the problem did not appear yet but the unresponsive 1cm area is still there, so its not completely gone. I think it will come back very soon.
  10. multiple displays with the error on the same location sounds like some production fault. I'll write support an email when I'm back home. If they send me a new display and are ok with it I'll try to play around with the broken one a bit, applying heat or ice spray and see what happens.
  11. So, mine started having the same problem 30 minutes ago 😞 Same position as shown in the videos here in the thread and I also have it since beginning of January. It did not drop or bump anywhere, just started ghosting while typing on keyboard. Telegram just went nuts from one second to another... 😞 Addition what I noticed: * there is a ~1cm area around "the line" where touch is not recognized right. If i move my finger slowly over it no touch is shown using developer settings showing touch * slight pressure while touching triggers the mass touches on the line much more often
  12. So, i just started from scratch and now it works like a charm. :)
  13. using my own boot image did the trick :) Install works smooth now, but after boot settings app and others just crash all the time and the system is not really working. I deleted cache and userdata so I guess there is a problem with the build itself now
  14. Thanks for the hints, I'll start the build again as build artifacts got cleaned as I can see... Add Thank you so much for all the work with Lineage!!
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