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  1. I can confirm crackling audio is gone on dialpad tones :)
  2. a2dp works now with my earphones. :) thank you! I'll try car connection tomorrow.
  3. Flashing right now. Hopefully it will help with audio and calls :)
  4. Oh and I found something very strange in my logs but don't know if it is just a problem with matlog. Just look at the times the messages were logged. 2020-02-20-20-38-39.txt
  5. sounds promising :) checked again, calling with telegram is not a problem but real calls are. No BT or wired headset connected and not on speaker. Just receiving call and holding my hand in front of the proximity sensor to turn display on and off Here Is a log for a call with the audio problem. 2020-02-20-20-59-26rec.txt
  6. @tdm After I got called today and audio was gone again, the tries after that were broken too. yesterday my tests were all fine and id did several successful calls with display off and on a few times...
  7. 4 days ago. I did not bother to try because you did not mention fixing anything related, 2 days ago i received a call but used speaker as workaround. I retried again with a new alarm set 15 minutes back from now. After reboot it i get notification for 2 upcoming alarms (the morning and my test) and after a few seconds it switches to missed the test alarm. It seems to take a few seconds to get the wifi or network to get correct time. After a few retries the testalarm started again. oO
  8. I checked gsm call and it seems to work now with test6. 😄 I'll check again tomorrow. Something seems to be off with the clock. I rebooted at ~19:40 and before putting in my sim pin my 7:20 morning alarm activated. Weird... Also the last full charge from battery is 22 hours ago which is wrong because I started charging when i got to bed and it should not be more than 18 hours. I can give you the logs if it helps.
  9. If there is no downside of using all keys, why not :)
  10. @tdm Backlight comes on now when I open the keyboard, but does not turn off when closed until display goes off.
  11. Thx for the new update! I agree with you on a2dp, but the "no audio on voice call when display goes off" should be very high priority. At the moment the ability to use the phone as a phone is 'deminished' since test3.
  12. I'd also like to "send a beer", maybe all europeans who want to donate should get together and collect with one person so we do not "donate" paypal 1Euro international transaction fee everytime.
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