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  1. Unfortunately there is no way around. 😞 You could try to backup with adb backup after you enabled adb over usb. It may work for many apps but not all, because the apps can decide if their data gets backuped or not. I fear that's the only option you have without root. If you plan to re-lock your bootloader, beware that it will reset your device again.
  2. That sounds promising 🙂 Thank you very much!
  3. @tdmare there any plans to release a third test build ?
  4. It does not look like damaging the screen. Today was my first road trip with the holder and I really like it.
  5. Yes, I take a picture tomorrow night when I come back to the car. Have to remember to take my old phone with me 😄 The way I did it it holds tight, it did not fall off directly when holding it upside down and shaking a bit:)
  6. @Rob. S. #511309 arrived. The slot is too wide now and the phone wiggles around, so I taped felt pad in the middle which holds the phone tight. The camera button gets pressed when i slide it in and I think the screen Protector may get damaged on the edge when used often.
  7. This is great news, thank you! If you need anything tested, I'm happy to help.
  8. Thx for the pictures, I bought the 511309 now and will report shortly if it fits.
  9. I'm also looking for a Brodit holder, did yours arrive yet ? I do not know the holders so I have a questions about the specs. Pro1 specs say its thickness is 13.98mm but the 711042 holder has 2-10mm. Is it even relevant? Just from numbers #511309 fits width: 62-77 mm and thickness: 12-16 mm, so should be ok even with a normal TPU back cover.
  10. Yes they do. Was thinking about telling support I don't need them but now I'll will keep them. 🙂
  11. I have problems with Bluetooth audio devices. After connecting there is no audio and volume control. I opened a bug and can send you more information if you need.
  12. Oh, I did try it from scratch. But glad it worked for you. Thank you 🙂
  13. There is a way to root with Magisk and get OTA Updates. Follow this easy guide, worked for me when I tried. https://www.thecustomdroid.com/install-ota-update-rooted-android-device-guide/#How_to_Install_OTA_Updates_on_Rooted_Android_Devices
  14. Thank you. Just flashed lineage few hours ago :)
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