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  1. And thank you everyone for the responses! Now its the choice of a potential failing and miserable network or hacking myself onto a network that doesn't want my phone haha🙃
  2. Yeah, I hear that but its been ever since they started closing down the Sprint towers, laid off a bunch of workers, and gave other pay cuts... So Im taking a "if there's smoke, there's fire" mentality with this. And on top of that Ive been in charge of mobile phone administration at several companies in NYC and without fail, Verizon is always the most reliable choice, so Im convinced they will be better overall. Called and went to several T-Mobile stores and everyone of them blamed it on my phone and failed to recognize that my Pixel 6A was having the same issue, or they would just say the
  3. Hi everyone! Ive had the Fxtec for over 2 years now and have been mostly loving it. Been on T-mobile with no issues until recently, and now it appears nearly everyone in NYC is having massive issues over the last few months. I have been not receiving calls/texts and this is on multiple phones across multiple people I know, even after upgrading any sim cards. So I want to switch, but Im afraid for my fxtec Pro1. I would like to switch over to Verizon, but Im not sure what the current status of this phone is on their service. Has anyone been having good luck with them and is there anything to
  4. Just for anyone else having this issue I resolved it a bit of a different way (^thank you for those threads and the massive help) and here is how I did it. I was unable to do adb root since the whole reason I flashed back to stock is my new job is now very phone dependent and I was having some issues in Lineage, so I flashed the persist.img instead Enable developer options and usb debugging Make sure you bootloader is unlocked (had to unlock and re-lock it after flashing) Put this file into your adb folder (Persist.img file from TDM) http://files.nwwn.com/android/pro
  5. Thank you so much! That was driving me insane.
  6. Having quite the issue with my Pro1. Had the phone for nearly a year now and for most of it no real issues. A couple of months ago I unlocked the bootloader and installed Lineage 16.0. Everything was good except that every time I setup a fingerprint, it would work without issue until I restarted the device where fingerprints would always disappear. Originally I figured it was a bad flash and left it as because I was barely using my phone at the time. But now I tried to reflash and Im still getting the same issue. Things I've tried - changing pin/pattern - enabling/disabling secure boo
  7. This looks ideal to me, hopefully the num keys arent too hard to reach. l had a friend print this for me and is shipping it. Will report back with how it is 🙂
  8. Issue also is in the last release of Lineage 16. Not using my camera at the moment because of Covid lock-downs, but really need it after and hoping not have to go back to stock 😞
  9. Not sure if reported yet, but I rented a '19 Chevy Malibu with Android Auto and everytime I plugged in my phone for the first time the GPS would freak out. It would report me going backwards, 100s of feet away from the target, and a bunch of wonkiness all over the place. It didn't matter if I used my phone to set the map and then plugged it in or did by the car's menu after plugged in. As soon as I unplugged and replugged it after android auto was already running it would start to work perfectly. Running stock and still locked bootloader.
  10. Ah, that would would make sense. Was hoping for a wide-angle lens or something, oh well.
  11. Hey, Ive noticed on the phone and spec lists that this phone has dual rear cameras, but I cannot get the other one to activate. I attempted to through the Snapdragon app and a couple of others including opencamera to no avail. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Also loving the phone so far, thank you fxtec!
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