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  1. My old Galaxy Nexus (and also my Moto Z Play now that I think about it) offers 2 choices when wiping the phone from recovery mode: format both cache and data partitions as you mentioned OR format cache and only delete all files and folders on the data partition except for the sdcard folder. Data in the virtual SD card folder was also on the data partition for reasons you already explained. There's no need for a partial format, if that's at all technically possible. In GNU/Linux on my desktop I can easily write a command that deletes all files and folders with one folder as an exception. T
  2. I ended up having to copy all data to my computer via USB and doing a full wipe anyway. Too bad this phone doesn't have some kind of 'soft wipe' option because it would've saved me a lot of time. The phone didn't ring at all anymore when a call came in and outgoing calls often didn't go through either. Another issue was Signal messenger not being able to use Google's push service making the app fall back to a web socket connection which drained the battery. The wipe solved all these issues. I can now receive phone calls again and hopefully the battery will last longer. Having to charge m
  3. Is there a way to wipe the Pro1 but leave the virtual SD card data intact? My old Galaxy Nexus was able to do that. It meant that it didn't format the data partition but simply emptied all folder except the one that held the virtual SD card contents. I'd like to do the same with my Pro1. There's no physical SD card inserted.
  4. @VaZso My hands are relatively big so that's not an issue. Perhaps I have a Monday morning keyboard, who knows.. But it really takes an effort to type which I didn't have at all with my old HTC Wizard. And despite its simple sliding mechanism it never opened in my pocket because there was a slight resistance to overcome in the very beginning. @EskeRahn I read the thread. I don't find it difficult to open the keyboard. It just requires more effort compared to what I was used to with my old HTC Wizard. It's small but this and the stiff keys just keep me from using it. And especially
  5. My biggest disappointment is the keyboard itself. Typing on it is just so damn hard. It feels like one or those dreams where you want to run but just can't.. It's that frustrating to me. I was so looking forward to having a phone with a keyboard again but in practice I hardly use it. And I hate onscreen keyboards so go figure. Sigh... I remember the old days like it was yesterday. My HTC Wizard back in 2005 was my closest buddy back then. I just totally loved the simple keyboard slider and how fast I could type on it. But the Pro1 keys are so hard to press. It's really a struggle to go fr
  6. May I suggest you put the intention of a thread in the OP? We can only follow the rules if they've been published. 🙂
  7. May I suggest you put the intention of a thread in the OP? We can only follow the rules if they've been published. 🙂
  8. I haven't. To be honest I am not going to after spending quite a bit of time reinstalling and organizing all my apps. It's a brand new phone and it arrived perfectly clean and without any preexisting user data. I'll just wait for a fix. --> Just removed all data from Google play services and the play store apps. This trick often fixed similar issues but unfortunately it hasn't helped.
  9. That's a yes to all questions. I installed all system updates until it said there are no more updates available. And all my apps come from the play store. The problem persists both over wifi and 4G so a connectivity issue is unlikely. I could send Android logs to the software devs here if that comes in handy. Sources why I think this is a Google play services issue: https://boringphone.com/knowledge-base/what-is-signal-background-connection-enabled/ https://github.com/signalapp/Signal-Android/issues/6561 https://www.reddit.com/r/signal/comments/ems5b1/having_a_stran
  10. And you don't get this specific notification? Thanks. I will give it a try.
  11. Interesting. Can you point me to an example please? 🙂 I googled for sim extenders but can't really figure out what you meant by that.
  12. That's exactly what I have running and I had to whitelist the fota5p.adups.com domain to get it to work. Completely forgot to check. Apologies for the confusion. Unfortunately Signal still indicates it's using a web socket instead of Google play services for its connection. I'm really wondering now if more apps have this issue and simply don't report it. I know Whatsapp can fall back to web socket if Google services aren't available but I can't find out anything about its connection status. I have some issues also with the proximity sensor. The screen doesn't always turn off when mak
  13. I'm fully aware but the design of the sim tray in the Moto is in fact very simple. It's merely a slightly different layout. The Pro1 could probably use 3 cards simultaneously if it had the same tray layout as the Moto. Anyway it is what it is and I don't really mind.
  14. Received the phone a few hours ago so these are very early impressions: - In call volume is very loud and cannot be turned down with the slider or volume buttons. Hoping for a fix soon. - Love the keyboard but despite my not so small hands I find it quite wide. A split design with each half of the keyboard under easy thumb reach when holding the phone between your palms would be more comfortable and make typing faster. My now ancient HTC Wizard back in 2005 was a lot shorter and therefor didn't have this issue and I loved it for its fast typing. - Signal (messenger app by Open W
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