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  1. So unfortunately, the same ghost touches started happening to me yesterday. I was hoping it would be related to the cold after I had been outside. (Currently everything is covered in snow here). But after using the factory kit I have noticed that I am having the dead touch row in the same position as well. Got mine in February last year.
  2. Thanks, that was it. The program is called Wireless Updates. I cleared the storage and cache. After a reboot everything was ok.
  3. Ok, so I have the notification for the software update. I have selected Download before, but it seems it did not finish. Now the only option is check for updates, which is indefinite. Is there anyway to reset the cache for the updater? As I keep having the notification but I no longer have the option to download or install it.
  4. I am using: https://www.trust.com/nl/product/18440-aluminium-stand-for-smartphone-and-tablet But they are not producing it anymore. I've used it for phones and tablets (also bigger than 7"). I think there might be similar products available.
  5. So I got the holder, as you can see the buttons are fine with this one, you may need to be careful with the camera button though. You can even use the fingerprint unlock. So 9-13mm might still be a bit too much. I am going with it, as the room is only minimal I might fill the edges with some rubber feet I have lying around. But @Rob. S. yours might fit exactly.
  6. All warranty cases are under NDA so I can only say that they have resolved the issue and it took an additional amount of patience. (I presume they want to avoid establishing a precedent and decide how to resolve issues on a case by case basis) I can recommend requesting support. Be sure to accurately record/film the defects/issues. So that it is obvious how much/little effort is needed for the issue to occur.
  7. Oh I am sorry that might have been naive or inconsiderate on my part. I think I am going with the 511308 (https://www.brodit.com/product.html?id=511308). I have the phone and have been measuring with a caliper. The phone is 10mm thick at the edges and until ~5 mm from the edges its max 13mm, at it's thickest it's 14.3mm (with screenprotector). The description and picture from mosen exactly match the fit I am expecting with 511308. I am going to order one.
  8. @Rob. S. What did you end up using?
  9. Just want to update this thread. FxTec has resolved my issue. And I really really happy, because I was looking really forward to this device and it is everything I have hoped for.
  10. @netman The right arm has vertical movement (towards the screen) that is what is making the sound. Edit: I am now in contact with FxTec and my issue will be looked after. Also I have found that by placing a toothpick in the edge of the right arm. I have an extremely solid experience. What I actually expected the device to feel like.
  11. Have you actually watched my latest video? I am not shaking the phone! Please watch the last video, I am really dissapointed.
  12. But does your phone rattle, because that seems to differ between phones. (I think because there is a variance in the room the screen mount has.) This part, moves from and towards the screen, like 0.5mm or so. I think there is a difference in severity. Have you watched the link video around 30 seconds? I barely have to move the phone to have the rattle. So it also occurs while typing. Immediately after I opened the phone for the first time, I noticed the rattle. But perhaps I am a shaky person. To make sure I have just tried it again, and I have a hard time not having th
  13. That's a big difference, the rattle starts while barely moving the phone. I think the screen is balanced in such a way it's exactly at the tipping point and that's moving it in its screen socket (as that is where the sound is coming from). It was so bad, I did not finish the install and put it back in the box. Waiting for a response from support now.
  14. Thanks for the response guys, I'm going to open a support ticket and see what is possible. I am really hopeful this can be resolved someway or that I could swap my device.
  15. Wel if you watch the link, around 30 seconds in is the best view of my first experience. I barely moved the phone and experienced the rattle. But you could compare the sound.
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