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  1. Yes, that's the one. All my keys work perfectly with it. Maybe it's a keymapping issue within the linux server? Try and use xev to monitor input. Linuxdeploy mounts my phones Pictures, Documents and Downloads folder to my chroot's ~/ folders, so when I download inside or outside both sides can see it. I don't know how to handle mounts manually. Check my page and check the section on encryption keys, that was quite important.
  2. The VNC client app I like to use for all connections is VNC Viewer, because it has no on screen GUI to block views. Some have little bars or dropdowns for touch screen interaction, and this doesn't. The server is Xvnc which I think is TightVNC or TigerVNC. It's LineageOS 16, the first stable official build. Also have issues with wifi that I forgot to mention... anything 40% or lower drops in and out constantly on top of just generally weak reception on all networks. Another dissapointment. This is a HTML version of my vimwiki page of notes on the project which has a lot of confi
  3. First of all I would like to say I've been on quite the quest for a handheld device like the Pro1. I'm a Linux sysadmin and Linux enthusiast. I have Linux on both my home and laptop computers. I have a customised desktop environment containing my workflow made up of scripts and programs I created over time to make me more productive. My quest has been to find a device that let's me work in the Linux environment at an actual usable level while on the go. Well, I can safely say the Pro1 is that device! In the picture above is my Pro1 running Arch Linux inside a chroot with full r
  4. Thanks for the info, do you know how I can make a full backup before doing anything? Also did you have to reinstall magisk? I currently have gapps installed. Thanks
  5. I'm currently running the first LOS official build with Magisk installed. How can I update to the latest OTA? I am worrying about bricking or something. Thanks
  6. Any way we can remap the FX button? It would be nice to be able to remap it to Win/Super and have it sent through VNC clients.
  7. Any way to improve front camera quality with LOS? In stock and LOS, the front camera quality when using WhatsApp or Messenger video calls looks worse than any camera released in the last 15 years. It makes no sense because if I point the camera at me using the actual camera app it looks ok.
  8. It might be too much to ask, but could someone give a quick summary on the status of this build? With 37 pages to go through it's a lot to know a quick status of what works, what does not, if it's suitable for daily use etc... Thanks very much for the hard work put into this 🙂
  9. One of the first things I tried was a video call on facebook messenger. The other side reported that the camera quality they saw looked like something from the 2000s compared with my previous phone (Note 9). I didn't expect this given that both of them have 8MP front cameras. Anyone know of this?
  10. Yes I copied the boot.img from the factory restore thread to my SD card, then did the "Patch file" install from Magisk Manager. It created magisk_patched.img. I copied that back to the pc, and ran "fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img". There was no need for TWRP to be installed. It is a shame because I would have liked an unrooted and rooted stock backup for easy restore.
  11. I went ahead and posted there. @netman Now I wonder if it's possible to inject the content of Magisk's zip file into the factory data that gets flashed then?
  12. I believe this to be one of the causes for the following behaviour that I'm encountering while trying to simply flash TWRP without continuing the Sailfish OS install: Can't mount /data or /system or /data/system Can't seem to check off the "Mount as read-only" check box After flashing it Android asks me for a password which is NOT my password, and I cannot boot boot into Android at all Doing a "Wipe Data" results in an endless boot Doing a "Factory Reset" fails with multiple errors I encountered this while attempting to get Magisk installed, more on my thread:
  13. TWRP doesn't ask to mount them rewrite. When I tried to turn off the "mount as read only" check box it does not uncheck. The most important thing is that TWRP cannot mount the partitions anyway. It can't mount /data or /system, and gives errors trying.
  14. Just tried that, same issue. The moment I flashed TWRP I'm asked for the password again.
  15. So I'm essentially stuck now. I reflashed everything to factory (the long list of commands), then I did the first boot. I didn't complete setup. I rebooted to check it did a clean boot and got the initial setup again. Next, I flashed TWRP and rebooted. It immediately asked me for a password to continue. "To start Android, enter your password". What? I did some looking around and other people got this after flashing TWRP and listed some default passwords. "password" and "default_password", neither worked. Someone said to run the command "fastboot format userdata" which I did, and it results
  16. If that happens again I will try it, otherwise I can't because it stopped booting now. I will post with what happens next.
  17. So i gave this a try, and it doesn't seem to work. Here's what happened. I flashed TWRP, this worked fine I then flashed Magisk zip file which worked too Upon booting up I am asked for my pin, but my pin is WRONG every time. I know I am putting the right one, it worked when I turned it on! I go back to TWRP and think ok I will do a factory reset, this fails, and I think it wiped the OS too because I'm stuck on an endless boot I am going to follow the post for returning to factory, then I will do something different: I won't set any pin or fingerprint and see what ha
  18. Thanks! That is really good info, maybe I will attempt it and see if this is something I would do myself without a dedicated guide.
  19. The positive: - Build quality is good - Screen mechanism is good and solid, does not move when opened or closed - The device is a very reasonable weight, and not much thicker than my note 9 - I was initially worried that the sound quality would be bad however it's really good enough The negative (just nitpicking): - Camera seems to lag at night time, compared to my note 9 which doesn't. During the day however it seems fine - The power button is very sensitive, and I've pressed it a few times by accident just picking the device up or holding it portrait - The screen
  20. UPDATE: Link to my comment with working root access for anyone who's looking for a quick answer: I got my device yesterday delivered by UPS. I'm very happy with it, the only thing I don't know how to do is get root access. Has someone got root access working in the stock software?
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