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  1. These are just reminders. Life is hectic after the Holidaze. Don't want anyone to miss a deadline inadvertently. Some dates to keep in mind: 19 days from today: January 26, 2020 = 180 days (6 months) since the first day Pre-order payments were submitted (July, 31, 2019). Why it matters: the ability to chargeback on your credit card expires at 180 days. 17 days from today: January 25, 2020 = Chinese New Year. This lands on a Saturday, so the 7-day long celebration begins the previous day, Jan 24. But factory workers start heading home mid-January and don't return until
  2. @Erik Clarification, please. FxTec is prepaying Customs for ONLY the EU?
  3. Check your State Income Tax Return when you file in January. It asks if there is any oustanding unpaid Sales Tax that you owe the State. It is true there is no mechanism to collect at present. The Sales Tax is still due; whether or not one pays it is a different matter. Also, I mentioned that to show that it is not a valid offset to the Import Tax/Duty/Tariff, as State Sales Tax is State level Tax, whereas the Import Tax/Duty/Tariff is Federal level. NOTE: I am not accusing, I am ASKING because Erik has stated that buyers will now be responsible for the Import Duty/Tax/T
  4. Yes, I understand the production and shipping issues/delays. At this point, it is an issue of TRANSPARENCY. I suspect FXtec knows of the imminent increase in import cost and that is why they are modifying their shipping model, in order to off-load the extra expense onto the buyers. It will be a rude surprise to hear from FedEx that we must fork over a C-note to take delivery, after FINALLY receiveing a Tracking Number. TRANSPARENCY. This is becoming a Case Study in how NOT to launch.
  5. FXtec is surely aware, as they export from China and these tariffs were announced in August - same time everyone here was paying their pre-order invoices. If their product had shipped in a timely manner, pre-orders would not have been affected by the US tariff increase one week from today. Is it coincidence that US orders are now being shipped direct, so the buyer must now pay the Import Duty/Tax/Tariff, while our "Sales Tax" is being refunded? The current 5% import duty rate is roughly equivalent to most state tax rates, so the buyer breaks even. After December 15, the buyer will ha
  6. 10% Import Tariff on Cell Phones imported from China into the U.S.A. goes into affect December 15, 2019 https://ustr.gov/about-us/policy-offices/press-office/press-releases/2019/august/ustr-announces-next-steps-proposed# According to FedEx (see below), that additional 10% Tariff will increase the current 5% Chinese import Tariff Rate to 15% I pre-ordered February 28th (#593X) at "$686.32 (includes $37.32 VAT)" I paid that pre-order July 31 at "$686.32 + $10.58 Shipping = $696.90 (includes $37.90 State Tax)" Now, apparently, In order to take deliver
  7. My first attempt at paying the invoice failed also. I am located in the USA. I had to enable "International Transactions" with my credit card issuer for the payment to successfully go thru to Fx. ymmv
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