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  1. Unfortunately it does need to be printed in TPU. PLA is to rigid for this type of phone case.
  2. They look good, Thank you once again. I'll take them for a test drive shortly. I've been making progress on the 3d modelling front but they still all end up messy in the renders. Your work is appreciated.
  3. A 3D printed case is the way to go IMHO with the Pro1. It retains that nice feel of it but with extra grip. The design still needs a bit of polish but it's getting close. Unfortunately I'm still learning that side of things and haven't had any success yet. If anybody is interested in a used Snakehive case, still in good condition, only modified the phone holder to suit the Pro1, let me know. I wont be returning to it.
  4. The clack in case some of you were wondering. theclack1.mp4
  5. Here's a top half for SailfishOS edge swipes. Looser than the Lineage build but still holds onto the screen. The bottom half is getting closer. The holes have now been tapered to allow for successful presses, FP reads. All that's left is to align the USB and the headphone jack. @MaplesteelI have paypal.
  6. $15 AUD to cover the cost of materials.
  7. I did the print but the design came from someone else. It still needs a few tweaks before it's ready. I don't mind printing it for anyone who's interested but I'm from Aus so the shipping cost will be something to consider. I only have the one color atm but I'm thinking of getting black as well. As for how it suits the Pro1? It's already replaced my snakehive case. I like the extra grip it provides while keeping to near the original size.
  8. I've been using the flip case from Snakehive for awhile now and just wanted to update on the TPU case within it. I have only made one cut out for the finger print reader. For the other buttons I've only sliced the plastic to weaken it. That does allow the buttons to be pressed, even the camera button can be used this way. The case doesn't appear to be as flimsy as others have suggested, with the extra button cutouts. It does survive an upside down shake test without coming loose.
  9. I Just received my order of the Snakehive flip case and pouch today. I only tried the pouch briefly, just to test for fit and I would say that after a bit of use, it'll be the perfect fit. It's a tight fit but not something that you're left struggling with to get out with two hands.
  10. I gave up on the pouch after a few weeks of use. I found it to be to fiddly trying to get the phone out to answer a call.
  11. I've done the same thing. I've found that a strip of Duct tape across the back and one side works wonders in solving this issue.
  12. Yes, that sounds about right. Just plug it in and proceed as normal. Yes.
  13. @VaZso Your symptoms sound the same as mine, I also couldn't get that boot screen that others talk about. Be patient, let the battery drain and try again with a flat battery.
  14. The other thing to try is to either disconnect the battery or let it fully drain and try then. I had no luck with my phone until the battery completely ran dry. I was going to try the disconnect method but then rl got in the way for a couple of weeks, after which removing modemmanager worked for me. There is disassembly documentation around somewhere but otherwise I still have a copy if need be. The fact that it comes up as QDL mode is a good sign.
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