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  1. I was initially designing with TPU in mind but it's easier to prototype in PETG. My main concern about TPU and my design is the lip around both halves isn't that big. I'll have to test it again. I will reintroduce the headphone jack as it possibly would be ok in PETG. I'll upload a new model shortly. Personaaly I don't mind the PETG feel, it reminds me of my Otterbox case I had for my N900.
  2. I have already included a model with the fxtec and sfos logos. I'm from Aus, I'll send you a pm.
  3. While I do agree with you, it's the unfortunate position of the camera cutout that was the deciding factor.
  4. Attached the printed case to a snakehive case with T7000. seems to work well.
  5. I've updated my models to support the new Pro1X. I've also added a small lip around the edges to match up with the bevel on the two halves. This does not interfere with the phone when closed as they sit just below the surface. Both halves now fit firmly against the phone with no movement when opening or closing. I would imagine they would survive a drop as well. (Not tested). https://www.printables.com/model/267403-fxtec-pro1x-case
  6. FYI. The USB port is higher up on the Pro1X. A case designed for the Pro1 wont suit it unless it's a full cutout to the edge. I'll update my model shortly.
  7. I would suggest PETG over PLA as it's a tight fit and that's what I've been prototying in. I would hold off on TPU for the moment, the fit isn't strong enough yet.
  8. https://www.printables.com/model/267403-fxtec-pro1x-case Feel free to let me know your thoughts, criticisms, tweaks. I'm already thinking it needs a bit more on top for screen protection. I've also done a template for cutting out screen protectors which I'll upload shortly. I haven't been able to find any that ship to Australia.
  9. I decided to make my own case as a learning experience. So far it's just the base as I wanted something to replace the plastic holder in my Snakehive case. I have not included the hole for the headphones as it would leave a gap in the upper edge of the case and reduced it's grip on the phone. I will upload the STL's onto Printables when they're ready. I'm still tweaking small measurements atm. pro1_case.mp4
  10. Unfortunately it does need to be printed in TPU. PLA is to rigid for this type of phone case.
  11. They look good, Thank you once again. I'll take them for a test drive shortly. I've been making progress on the 3d modelling front but they still all end up messy in the renders. Your work is appreciated.
  12. A 3D printed case is the way to go IMHO with the Pro1. It retains that nice feel of it but with extra grip. The design still needs a bit of polish but it's getting close. Unfortunately I'm still learning that side of things and haven't had any success yet. If anybody is interested in a used Snakehive case, still in good condition, only modified the phone holder to suit the Pro1, let me know. I wont be returning to it.
  13. The clack in case some of you were wondering. theclack1.mp4
  14. Here's a top half for SailfishOS edge swipes. Looser than the Lineage build but still holds onto the screen. The bottom half is getting closer. The holes have now been tapered to allow for successful presses, FP reads. All that's left is to align the USB and the headphone jack. @MaplesteelI have paypal.
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