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  1. Hi Community, Do you loose Root if you update Lineage via OTA?
  2. Dear Community, I wish to announce that the solution in the provided link does indeed work! It solved my accidental lock on my Lineage OS Bootloader for my Pro1X, by clean install everything. I would like to highlight that you may need to DISABLE DRIVER SIGNATURE ENFORCEMENT on your Windows Machine. This was the one headache I had throughout the process... didn't realise I needed to disable driver inforcement. Silly me! Thank you community for your kind support! Cheers!
  3. Hi Community, I tried using this method. Unfortunately, it does not seems to work. Is this the end for my Pro1x? Or is there still some hope?
  4. Hi Community, I've successfully flashed the official Lineage OS (LOS) (with Gapps) for the Pro1X. But, in an attempt to use banking apps, I was hoping that Locking the Bootloader may help "trick" the Banking Apps to allow me use in on LOS. Sadly... it does not allow me to go back to Unlock mode. I am now stuck in a loop... cannot boot into my LOS. Please help! Thanks!
  5. Hi Community, F(x)tec IGG dropped a pretty huge revelation, quote "LineageOS 20 is now able to boot up on a Pro1-X with Android 13! ". That being said, how has the historical timeline been, from "Boot Up" stage to "Stable Release" stage?
  6. Hi Community, As we all are aware, the Pro1X project has been facing many treacherous delays, which includes the delivery of Lineage OS (despite being advertised as ready out of the box). I received my device, and I want to help. What can I do to help speed things up? (I am not strong on the technical side) Cheers!
  7. Yes, I did. For very long time the phone just blink "red light dot" (Notification Light). The phone still looping, showing the "F" logo, and boot again (and again and again...). Is this the end for my Pro1?
  8. Hi Community, I was fixing my phone, and took the battery out to do some soldering on damaged volumes and power button. I then slot the battery back in, glued it, and now gives me a boot loop. The boot loop sometimes show me a battery symbol being red... Does prying it out damages it? Are the batteries a one off thing? Maybe the glue was to strong and damages something while prying it out?
  9. Hi community, Does anyone know if the ew Pro1X's Screen and Body Parts compatible with the old Pro1? Parts are scarce these days.
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