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  1. I also got my refund in a timely manner. However my refund was short of about 40 pounds for reasons I do not know but not worth arguing now. I must say that my cancel and refund request was dealt with in a professional way.
  2. I got a response to my cancellation email in 2 days. That's OK. Let's see how long it will take to get the money back.
  3. I have the same problem. Please advise how many days we should allow to get a response and our money back into our account
  4. Well probably Erik you (not personally) have your priorities mixed. You can write any sort of bs for the tenth time however the fact of the matter is that people have been deceived. You are sitting on people's money for months without delivering the goods we paid for and personly I feel very bad about knowing that the public could/can just order one from an online shop and have it in 2 days. You probably don't understand this though. To be candid I find this to be totally disrespectful and quite unethical.
  5. Blatant display of total disrespect and dishonesty. Big scale liars too. It is only a couple of days ago that I got an email with all sorts of excuses telling me it might be to the end of January.
  6. True. But the fact is that people purchased the phone from a retailer (we already know of at least two retailers having already sold units. Clove and Dragon. How should I feel about it? Having paid since August and now told I will wait till the end of January whilst at the same time it is available to the public.
  7. Unfortunately Clove is out of stock already. Next stock mid January.
  8. Thank you so much. Unfortunately they sell qwertz and not qwerty. However it is quite surprising when I order in February, pay August 2nd with a order number 83xx and been told I might get it in January to see it is now for sale to the public. Thought these people are just just very unprofessional, it seems I was wrong.
  9. What is the name of the German shop so i can also order one?
  10. I stand to be corrected on the 2 or 6 weeks. It does not change much though. Money should not be requested to be paid
  11. I agree entirely. It is fine with me and there would not be a problem if they did not ask me to pay for a 2 week delivery.
  12. I am surprised at the level of unprofessionalism. I sent an inquiry asking for a delivery estimate of my number 83xx order. I got a generic reply that I will get the unit before Christmas!! When I challenged this I got a lengthy totaly silly incomprehensible description of how things work(according to them). The long and short of this is that they have no idea about how much and when they produce, they have no idea about when and how many they will ship. Quite irritating considering that I have been coerced to pay at end of July for a two weeks delivery. A bunch of amateurs trying to do
  13. I sincerely hope you are not going to use Royal Mail for deliveries outside the UK. You will end up with too many complains and lost units. Royal Mail is good domestically but they rely to shitty third parties outside the UK. Also the tracking numbers are meaningless outside the UK.
  14. There is complete silence from the company agout this. I sent email few days ago and they said that the phone would ship by the ned of September. They said to others October. Don't really know what's going on but it would not be a problem if money was not taken. I object being charged and pay for something that is not ready to ship. Payment was not conditional on anything. My (our) money is in their hands and they don't feel they should at least inform us on the status. Does not smell very nice.......
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