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  1. Obviously not the highest but probably one of the the lowest in the new batch. Interesting for the ones doing the math for number of orders. Arrived yesterday (24th January): 251
  2. Got stock assigned yesterday (20th) at 11:43 (GMT) Got tracking number Today at 9:44 (GMT) Delivery is planned to be January 24th Keyboard: QWERTZ Destination: Switzerland Contribution: 48xx Paid on: July 31st IGG: No
  3. They did not sell any. They said they expected their delivery at the end of December. Their delivery did not arrive. Digitec and Galaxus (same company) were as usual very optimistic with their delivery time and only changed it when the shipment did not arrive. The new expected delivery for their first orders is next week. Let's see if they actually receive their devices from Fxtec.
  4. Who? I only know of digitec.ch which expects a few units in 7-9 days.
  5. I got the pretty much the same canned response 8 hours ago. It seems they got quite a few support questions in the last few hours.
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