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  1. With a cursory look at https://android.googlesource.com/platform/frameworks/base/+/refs/heads/master/core/java/android/text/method/MetaKeyKeyListener.java I only see sticky code for shift, alt and sym, though, unless the naming is misleading... But in case meta is not sticky, yellow-arrow could still be set to sym to get it sticky.
  2. I'll just add all 4 combinations so everyone can get either Czech Y/Z order regardless of which HW layout they have 🙂
  3. OK, so based on this I should have 4 Czech layouts? (Czech QWERTY for physical QWERTY, Czech QWERTZ for physical QWERTY, Czech QWERTY for physical QWERTZ, and Czech QWERTZ for physical QWERTZ) I can do that relatively easily, I just don't want to add layouts that are not useful 🙂 The Fn+H = ½ comes from the FinQwerty German layout that I used as a base, not from any "real" layout. It can be replaced if/when needed. And yes, I kept the Fn combinations matching the German QWERTZ prints, I think that is generally clearer. But since Fn+F and Fn+G are free, I could add [ ] there as well
  4. I can add one in the next FinQwerty version 🙂 Does the below layout look OK? Or should I perhaps swap Y/Z (if both are wanted by people here, I can also add both), or any other suggestions?
  5. Thanks, it was indeed just a typo. I also now added a test APK link on the page, though I guess not many people have the phone yet :)
  6. Hi, author of the FinQwerty app here. Adding support for Pro1 is indeed the plan, and we checked with Eske that remapping works on the current firmware version. Here is a page with the current drafts for Scandinavian remaps for the stock US QWERTY and DE QWERTZ layouts: https://android.onse.fi/finqwerty/pro1.html Feel free to comment :) At this point I'm most interested on opinions on the "major" remappings, i.e. where to put åäöæø and where to move the characters they replace.
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