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  1. I have the same problem. Also with LineageOS17.1 and SwiftKey. So I press at first the SWIFT for a short time and after them the first letter and the other letters. In this way the firs letter is capital and the second small...... But the yellow arrow I have to hold an press at the same time one off the yellow sign. And I have also the problem in landscape I can't use the smilies, I have to change to the portrait display without the physical keyboard.....
  2. Thanks @raymo!!! I have installed LOS17.1. Ones more for all Germans: Activation of the hardware keyboard QWERTZ and the yellow keys without installation of FinQwerty: System → Languages and input → Physical keyboard → Builtin keyboard → "German Android keyboard" System → Keys → EXTRAS: Other keys → Hardware keyboard: Layout "qwertz" and Custom keymap "on" After that, the key layout works perfectly, including the yellow arrow keys and the yellow special characters, like ! "§ $% & / () =?` @ € µ
  3. Hi! I'm using the German and very often the Spanish language. So for mi would be nice if there is a possibility to write the character "ñ", for example to use the "yellow arrow" key and the key "N". I prefer the standard QWERTZ layout and additional a "yellow ñ" on the key "N".... Thanks for all this perfect work F(x) team. I hope, we will get soon the possibility to pre order the QWERTZ layout!
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