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  1. I had my first spider app ever and I am sure a proper case would have prevented that. I really hope f(x)tec release one soon. I tried 3D-printing on, but it didn't fit, even though the printer is properly calibrated. So I bought the replacement screen from DragonBox shop and replaced it. The new screen only seems to register touch press on the flat area and not on the curved part when first pressed. However, if I start the touch on a flat part and move the finde to the edge over the curved part, it is still recognized. This is very annoying when trying to hit buttons on the edge of an app
  2. I just updated to 2021-01-25. It worked before, now it's broken. If you don't have the same issue, it might help if do a fresh setup on my device. I'll do that tomorrow and inform you about the results then.
  3. With the latest update screen lock is completely broken. The direct unlock option is gone so i always have to swipe up before i get the pattern screen. In the settings menu it says screen lock is "none", even tough pattern is enabled and works. This leads to trust agent thinking there is no lock screen set up even though there is. I tried disable and enable again with the same result. The smart lock bug was extremely annoying before(with all the screen flashing and refusing to turn off the screen) but now it's just broken. And the hardware keyboard layout ist still broken. Is th
  4. Besides the very annoying smart lock bug, the phone audio volume is always at maximum and is not affected by the phone volume setting. Music and ringtone volume works, but phone call volume can not be changed. This is especially annoying when using headphones, because it hurts my ears and on regular phone calls the sound is so loud that it can be used as loudspeaker mode instead.
  5. Since upgrading to 17.1 I have got this weird issue with smart lock. When the screen turns off, smart lock immediately turns the screen back on to full brightness. It does not matter if the screen turns off because of timeout or because I use the power button. Expected behaviour would be: Timeout or power button turn off the screen and the screen stays off. Hitting the power button later then turns the screen back on and not showing the lock screen. I don't know if this issue is specific to this ROM, but i have been unable to find anything about this issue anywhere else. It used to w
  6. Instead of capital ß it should give the question mark. Or how am is supposed to type question mark insteadẞ
  7. I'm on todays version of 17.1, but the keyboard still does not work right. If i understand that correctly, the patch by @tdm should have been merged since Nov 17, so it should be included already?
  8. Thanks to all for the replies. For me, SwiftKey always showed in Floating Mode while in Landscape Mode and most of the controls were off screen. By enabling "Show virtual Keyboard" I was able to pull the controls up so i could see and use them. I finally found the option to put it into "Full"-Mode as shown by EskeRahn. I think it's still kind of sad, that SwiftKey seems to be the only one offering this feature, so i guess i am going to submit feature requests for this at the open source keyboard projects, so that weg get a privacy-friendly alternative.
  9. Back in 2013 I had a Blackberry Q5. It has a physical keyboard, that shows text predictions while typing on the lower end of the screen, but no software keyboard. This demo from back then shows how it worked: https://youtu.be/gNoC4rBWdes?t=43 I tried several keyboards on the Pro1 trying to achieve a similar result, with the exception that i want to see the software keyboard in portrait mode. Android Keyboard(AOSP): Shows in portrait word with word suggestions, but does not show at all in landscape mode. "Show virtual keyboard" option in Android Physical Keyboard Setti
  10. @tdm Your server seems not be reachable right now. Can't even ping I would like to upgrade to Test22.
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