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  1. For completeness sake it needs to be said that recent devices like mine (yours as well, acrux?) seem to have been shipped with a pre-release of an upcoming stock update. Unfortunately I do not recall the exact build number and date. So if it was possible that the update had updated some firmware of components in a backwards-incompatible way, that could be the cause for just flashing the provided older stock images over it doesn't put us in the same state as it'd be for previously shipped phones. Maybe @Waxberry can clarify what's the current status of firmware updates and shipped sto
  2. Sorry for the delay. I have now flashed Sailfish OS, which has its own can of worms but is the reason why there is no urgent need on my side. Regarding Sailfish modifying the device such that Lineage doesn't work anymore: I had reset my device reset to stock according to this guide by @Waxberry before attempting to flash Lineage, so there should be no remains of anything I've done beforehands, right? As others already mentioned, the important issue here is integrity, not confidentiality. I just feel a bit uncomfortable flashing something MITMable to my phone, where the verificatio
  3. Yes, I just successfully flashed and booted test11 and right now trying to update test12 over it (I guess I'm not brave to try test13). Update: Updating to test12 again made the boot afterwards fail. Unfortunately test11 without a proper QWERTZ layout is only slightly useful to me. Again this was only possible though from SDcard, not via USB `adb sideload`. Any idea what's going wrong there? Btw @ whoever runs nwwn.com, could you please set up a redirect from http to https?
  4. So I tried flashing the test13 image of Lineage onto my new Pro1. I am certain that I followed all the instructions to the point where possible and used a USB2 port (as USB3 wasn't working). While flashing the recovery worked fine, the first issue I encountered was sideloading the image to the recovery: This always failed. adb sideload lineage-16.0-pro1-test13.zip serving: 'lineage-16.0-pro1-test13.zip' (~30%) adb: failed to read command: Success As a workaround, I put the zip onto an SD card. Then flashing was successful, but the resulting LineageOS installation just t
  5. I am now holding my QWERTZ order #33xxx in my hands \0/ If I understand correctly the first thing I should do is flash LineageOS on it, as the stock ROM has many unfixed bugs, right? Serial number is 12xx.
  6. Can confirm as well, got my Stock Assigned message for a QWERTZ order #33xxx to Germany.
  7. Latest production update from today.
  8. The latest update mail: Let's see how many devices they can ship next week.
  9. Possibly the same (or at least related) as this: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2661-slider-wobbleclatterrattleclick-when-tapping-on-the-screen-when-slider-closed/?tab=comments#comment-41643
  10. Currently the Pro¹ is only available with a US international QWERTY layout. I'm sure many people are interested in getting their native keyboard layout instead, while at the same time Livermorium probably has to be careful about which layouts to offer at first. Thus I suggest a possibility to preorder the phone under the condition that it is available with a certain keyboard layout within a certain time. This mechanism can serve as a voting about which layouts are most popular at the same time, providing some data to the Livermorium folks on which layouts to concentrate on.
  11. Will do a tear-down as soon as I have one. Good to know, thanks. I just cannot buy a device before I know how easy or hard it is to repair.
  12. Hi, I want to use my phones as long as possible. If people manage not to drop their devices and keep them away from their toilets, the lifetime limiting factor is the battery (capacity) degradation. Thus it'd be important for me to know 1. how easy it is to open the device: Just unscrew some screws, or loosen glue with a heat gun, or even worse with rippling metal foils breaking as soon as you try to open it? 2. What kind of battery is used exactly? This involves both its physical dimensions as well as its electrical characteristics. There not only capacity and voltage are relevant, but
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