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  1. first of all, thanks for all your effort you put in this, great work @tdm! I'm not sure if this is still an standard option in the vanilla LOS, but it was available some time ago that you can lock your device by double tapping the notification bar, is this still a thing or is there any other way to lock it without the power button? I'm using mine as a daily driver, that's why I'm still waiting a bit before changing, otherwise I would just have tested this myself.
  2. I also can't change it in Stock, only on my old Motorola. Yes, it's a bit annoying if you need a change, but typically you should only need to change it once and be happy 🙂
  3. for me the placement is actually really nice as left handed, but could it be this was disabled/coupled with screen on with the last update? I know some people here were complaining about this, but now the power button gets worn off again 🙄
  4. don't worry after customs finished mine at the late evening, they would have been able to deliver next day, even so they needed to transport through half Germany
  5. seems like the package got released from customs this evening.
  6. ok, I also called FedEx today and right now they are also just waiting for customs. There are no more import taxes to pay on my side. Normally they should continue shipping tomorrow.
  7. but please only make it an option. Mine isn't here yet, needs some more days to deliver, but normally I always wake up my phones with the fingerprint reader. Typically if you always use the power button for this, the button dies at first even if the rest of the device is still fine.
  8. Also no progress on my side. Fedex didn't react on my sent emails with documents. If there doesn't change anything till monday I will call them just to make sure they don't sent it back
  9. That's interesting because I didn't get contacted directly by customs administraion, but only by fedex themselfs forwarding
  10. did anyone of the Germans got asked about their bill from customs? Fedex told me they don't believe the declared value 😄
  11. That's odd, mine is in France on the way to Germany and haven't heard anything about customs yet, also not from FedEx who want to deliver on Friday
  12. like everything else, this is also just an assumption. From a business point of view the formula makes total sense. If you take into account, that the preorders show the average interest of a country in such a product, you want to let other people see it there in real life. Like this you probably could get the biggest marketing effect to get people know the device as fast as possible before it gets outdated. Btw what are you guys doing with your phones, that they are dying so fast? 😅 I still have a Moto Z Play bought at the beginning of the Indiegogo campagne and it's still fine.
  13. I'm not sure, but probably yes, at least the other Unihertz were unlockable, but there don't seem to be much custom ROMs and it has a MediaTek SoC. The Titan also still seems to have Security Patch Level from August 2019
  14. the only problem I have with the Titan is "Android only" (BB10 was very nice to use with the gestures, Sailfish comes a bit close to it) and I fear it will be dropped in terms of security patches quite quickly.
  15. oh man, now I am struggling to decide which phone I want. The Titan looks nice and I was always pretty satisfied with my BB Q10 and always wanted to get a Passport but the end of BB10 stopped me. Titan with Sailfish would be the perfect match for me 🤔
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