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  1. I have also the randomly failing fingerprint reader problem. Today I noticed a weird bug, I already experienced one time before. I cut a text from a form, suddenly the physical keyboard is not working anymore until you paste again. The first time I didn't try to paste, I just rebooted, so I'm not sure if pasting is always the solution. Did anyone else experience this before?
  2. just for conclusion, I replaced the screen and it's working again now 🙂 Just a hint: don't forget pulling of the plastic sheet at the back of the screen at the speaker/camera, realized it after it was glued in...
  3. Typically changing a screen digitizer is quite more hassle and harder to do than just switching the complete screen, because it's glued just on top of the screens. That's also the reason why you don't get digitizer itself for swapping anymore. Anyway a complete Elephone U screen is just 45$, perhaps I will try the igniter method first, but I'm not sure if the high voltage of the piezo isn't be able to kill other components.
  4. finally I got to testing, after getting some adapters and time first. The failure really comes from the screen, with a mouse it's working fine. With some testing I found out, that there is just a horizontal stripe where the touchscreen isn't working anymore, that's also why the input of the pattern failed, because if you get into this part, the phone will think your finger left the screen. Long story short, I need to get a new screen, at least there is no other major damage
  5. Hi, thanks for the test. You're right, didn't thought of a mouse, good idea. Unfortunately I already checked all connectors, the seem to sit correctly. Even a screen is only like 60-70€ I think and it seems to be not too hard to replace.
  6. Hi, I dropped my phone some days ago and since then the touchscreen doesn't seem to work properly anymore. There is no visual damage, so no crack in the screen. The problem is, I can't do swiping anymore, because every touch gets translated into a click immediately, but before the reboot it also seemed kind of missplaced. So, I'm not able anymore to unlock the phone, because you can't draw any pattern on the screen. To verify it's the touchscreen/display and for example the keyboard I need some help of you guys. When you boot your phone and the pattern unlock comes up, could you
  7. I'm not on LOS yet, but I think the fingerprint reader itself is just bad. Also on stock It fails very often to identify the fingerprint, even if you save multiple "versions" of the same finger.
  8. first of all, thanks for all your effort you put in this, great work @tdm! I'm not sure if this is still an standard option in the vanilla LOS, but it was available some time ago that you can lock your device by double tapping the notification bar, is this still a thing or is there any other way to lock it without the power button? I'm using mine as a daily driver, that's why I'm still waiting a bit before changing, otherwise I would just have tested this myself.
  9. I also can't change it in Stock, only on my old Motorola. Yes, it's a bit annoying if you need a change, but typically you should only need to change it once and be happy 🙂
  10. for me the placement is actually really nice as left handed, but could it be this was disabled/coupled with screen on with the last update? I know some people here were complaining about this, but now the power button gets worn off again 🙄
  11. don't worry after customs finished mine at the late evening, they would have been able to deliver next day, even so they needed to transport through half Germany
  12. seems like the package got released from customs this evening.
  13. ok, I also called FedEx today and right now they are also just waiting for customs. There are no more import taxes to pay on my side. Normally they should continue shipping tomorrow.
  14. but please only make it an option. Mine isn't here yet, needs some more days to deliver, but normally I always wake up my phones with the fingerprint reader. Typically if you always use the power button for this, the button dies at first even if the rest of the device is still fine.
  15. Also no progress on my side. Fedex didn't react on my sent emails with documents. If there doesn't change anything till monday I will call them just to make sure they don't sent it back
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