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  1. I have no complaints about the quality of the assembly of the Gemini, I had no problem with it either. But due to a lack of software support, I didn’t order either Cosmo or Astro. That’s why the Pro1 looked very promising, but I couldn’t make friendship with the rounded display. Maybe I will give it a try with Unihertz Titan as long as Pro2 comes out :)
  2. Yes, I can confirm it 😞 My Gemini PDA runs Android 8, which was released in 2018. No newer firmware and security patches...
  3. Not yet, but several people have already indicated that they are interested in it, but for their part, it still depends on something... I am open to any good offer, whoever pays first will take it :)
  4. I used it with Sennheiser and Xiaomi wired headsets, both switching within 1 second.
  5. Yes, using it as my primary phone for 2 months unfortunately leaves a visible mark on the back of the device. But it seems only on the back, not elsewhere. When it wasn't in the car holder, I kept it in a horizontal belt bag or a desk holder... I'm sure I'll give Pro2 a chance too, because the direction is good :)
  6. I used this universal holder, which I like: https://www.rammount.com/product-lines/x-grip Interesting, that it hasn’t left any mark on any of my other phones so far. If the virus is gone then I will order a back cover, then the phone will be in perfect condition again.
  7. Not yet. Someone asked me to keep it for him, but now I’m starting to run out of patience because the device has been resting in the box for a month. I was thinking around 650 EUR + shipping from Hungary. I prefer Revolut, but I can take payment by PayPal, too.
  8. Several people asked for photos. So far I've sent it to everyone separately, but it's easier if I put some here... :)
  9. Yes, I tried Edge Null. Definitely better, but not perfect in every case. Instead of a bottom case, I used a vertical belt pouch. Pro1 was always in it, just in the car put it in a RAM X-Grip holder. None of my other phones have so far a mark on the backside made by holder, only this one.
  10. I'm thinking about going back to the Gemini PDA. I've been using Pro1 as my primary phone for over 2 months. but during this time I couldn't get used to the curved display. I really like the prone, I haven't had any issues or restarting problems, but it seems I'm too old for these fancy things. 🙂 I mainly used Termux with Finqwerty besides the usual stuff. The serial number is in 2xx range. Shifted qwerty keyboard (I got used to it in about 2 weeks), original box, never used charger and pouch, 2 pcs curved (Elephone) screen protector. The only glitch is that the contact with the car mount
  11. I tried the Hungarian layout in the official app. It is working fine, but it seems not usable for me. In worst case I will create my own layout as you did for yourself. I would prefer that all the letters and signs on the keyboard work where they are printed, additionally the Hungarian accented letters can be accessed on the keys where there was nothing else with fn originally. If it works, then I will do the same layout modification for my Gemini PDA, too...
  12. I think this is not true. FinQWERTY new version has just arrived, and it works in termux, too. In my opinion, only key combinations that are traditionally used in emacs mode will be overridden by termux. For example in FinQwerty US Intl. CTRL-P would be /, but since emacs i using CTRL-P as previous, it is impossible to type / in termux with his layout.
  13. I will let you know how it works if @Anssi Hannula updated the version which is coming from the play store... :)
  14. Thanks for the great amount of energy you put into it. I have a Qwerty version, but I'll try it anyway. Currently I try finQwerty US Intl. version, but I ran into a problem: I can't type / sign under Termux. It works everywhere else, but not under Termux... If @Anssi Hannula based on your version of hun_qwertz, could add a version of hun_qwerty to the next version of the finqwerty app, then it would be much easier to try it, because I wouldn't have to compile my own. Or is it enough just copy the kcm file somewhere in the phone? I haven't looked at this yet...
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