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  1. I tried the Hungarian layout in the official app. It is working fine, but it seems not usable for me. In worst case I will create my own layout as you did for yourself. I would prefer that all the letters and signs on the keyboard work where they are printed, additionally the Hungarian accented letters can be accessed on the keys where there was nothing else with fn originally. If it works, then I will do the same layout modification for my Gemini PDA, too...
  2. I think this is not true. FinQWERTY new version has just arrived, and it works in termux, too. In my opinion, only key combinations that are traditionally used in emacs mode will be overridden by termux. For example in FinQwerty US Intl. CTRL-P would be /, but since emacs i using CTRL-P as previous, it is impossible to type / in termux with his layout.
  3. I will let you know how it works if @Anssi Hannula updated the version which is coming from the play store... :)
  4. Thanks for the great amount of energy you put into it. I have a Qwerty version, but I'll try it anyway. Currently I try finQwerty US Intl. version, but I ran into a problem: I can't type / sign under Termux. It works everywhere else, but not under Termux... If @Anssi Hannula based on your version of hun_qwertz, could add a version of hun_qwerty to the next version of the finqwerty app, then it would be much easier to try it, because I wouldn't have to compile my own. Or is it enough just copy the kcm file somewhere in the phone? I haven't looked at this yet...
  5. The call recorder app which using Magisk module (https://github.com/Magisk-Modules-Repo/callrecorder-skvalex) can record both parties. Of course just after you rooted the Pro1 with Magisk.... It's not free, but at least working fine.
  6. I have used zagg invisible shield on several devices before, I have good experience with it. There were some that could be ordered a full body protection kit, but there was also the option to cut out a completely unique pattern and size. I still have a screen protector on my phone that was cut out in front of me. Maybe Pro1 can be added to their design library in screen only and full body protection kit form, too. https://www.zagg.com/en_us/invisibleshield/invisibleshield-on-demand
  7. I think if you can provide the layout, @Anssi Hannula can add the 4 combinations for Hungarian layout as he did it with Czech version, too...
  8. I don't have a Pro1 (yet) to try it, but it has worked with more Samsung, LG, and Xiaomi phones. I think the slot may be pretty much the same, so I think it should work here too.
  9. I've done SIM+SD merge many times, it's really very simple: just heat the SIM card with a lighter for about 3-4 seconds. The chip part will detach from the plastic and won't hurt it. Then you can glue the SIM chip onto the top of the SD card with any glue (even a thin double-sided glue or a drop of quick glue). Only the first one seems complicated, all others are really can be prepared in no time. 😄
  10. I use ram x-grip holders in the car and on the motorbike, too. Until now, each phone could be placed in it to reach all of the buttons... https://www.rammount.com/product-lines/x-grip
  11. I don't think, because I got this autoreply on 25th Dec:
  12. Not so difficult to use that keyboard without a desk if you use thumbs only. I own a Gemini PDA (which has around the same keyboard) and I use it daily (in the car, too)... :)
  13. Termux The best terminal emulator. Works very well in landscape mode with a hardware keyboard (I use it daily on Gemini PDA) . If the screen pin is on, it is like a Linux notebook 🙂
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