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  1. My QWERTZ is for sale on ebay - until tomorrow: https://www.ebay.at/itm/234800710965 Screen was repaired, afterwards unused. It is reset to factory presets.
  2. My order status was "Completed". I asked fxtec support and it told me that the status was wrong and it should have been "Processing".
  3. @Flash-a-holic I am interested in this bluetooth keyboard. Is it suitable for a nice typing experience? Thanks, ravelo
  4. Motorola Flipout (horrible experience), Nokia N900 (after 3 months Sim-Card not detected error), HP 100 LX before (which is no phone)
  5. IGG and qwertz - no mail, also none in spam folder. I continue waiting patiently 😊
  6. New twitter tweets by Liangchen are available. Basically: Devices are currently shipped to the warehouses. Good news are coming soon. It looks for me as there was bad luck lately. A lot was done upfront but not all could be foreseen. I am eagerly awaiting the first reviews of devices.
  7. Hi Erik, It is really nice that you post in these forums despite not being officially working in PR team. It looks like very soon some customers will get individual notification of shipping devices. Additionally I think it would be nice that PR team would officially support this forum. We as customers are left alone and some might lose patience. It could even be that fxtec does not even notice the emotions from this forum. This is alsi quite important, as this thread has already more than 25000 views in the mean time... Thanks, ravelo
  8. I assume that it was clearly communicated on the order page. If it was not stated in the moment of ordering or preordering the device on the order page that those accessories are included than they won't be.
  9. Just short info: this thread has more than 11000 views at the moment. Quite interesting...
  10. As realease date is confirmed to be really close now, it is time to bump this thread. If the keyoard fits my purpose then I think this phone will suit these use cases better than my old phone: - Fotography - Text structuring (org mode) - Messaging - Navigation - Youtube
  11. US price increased to 699 if I remember correctly, EU price did not change.
  12. 24.8.2019 info from Chen: "Up to today everything is all on track and under control and same as planned. I am about to have my second visit in under a week to the factory."
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