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  1. 1 minute ago, schmock said:

    Well, I'll believe that this is a fact when people start posting their unboxing videos and reviews.


    2 hours ago, Erik said:

    A small informal update for you. As you should be aware by now, my updates do not represent what PR might have to say, but I'll give you the latest and best to my knowledge.


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  2. The screen is too big and that means the keyboard is too wide and just about every reviewer who has had hands on with the device seems to have trouble stretching to reach the keys in the center of the keyboard.


    There’s no trouble with reaching the keys in the center, it’s a little bit uncomfortable. On other side my last qwertys are N900 and Passport, both are much narrower.


    My guess that after I’ll get used to keyboard width, I may reconsider this part of my wishlist.

  3. My wishlist.


    1) Landscape keyboard slider (of course)

    2) Dual Sim

    3) Smaller screen (around 5")

    3b) narrower body, Pro1 keyboard is a little bit wide for my taste

    4) Different Fingerprint sensor placement (under the screen?)

    5) Wider angle for camera lens - similar to Xperia X

    5b) Single camera module with large sensor.

    5c) built-in mount for external lenses - there are third-party cases that are compatible with Moment lenses, maybe it is possible to incorporate the mount directly to phone backpanel.


    This one may also apply for Pro1 with next major software update.

    x) Desktop mode on external screen, not something fancy like DEX, just usable state for what's been already found at Android Q.


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