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  1. The pics are comparable. Can't say that FxTec is winner in all conditions - I prefer Nokia on third pic.


    I like that pictures aren't over-sharpened as on Nokia, but I would prefer less saturation.

    Also I think that more tweaks needed on brightness/contrast side.


    We should wait for the final product, but even in current state, the quality is comparable with the big guys


    P.S. Flood the twitter with #shotonfxtec after phone released?

  2. But what progress can you expect?

    The project in finishing stages. Small polishes to hardware and software.


    I don't want to get newsletter like "we moved display connector 0.5mm to the left edge, it provides better durability to the cable"(just an example)


    Also if they are working with some third-party, it's not correct to report their bugs/issues at public newsletter.

  3. I’m not sure how it happened, but I’m coming.


    P.S. My manager deserves a t-shirt =)

    C U


    …Invite him to come along ;)


    The change from Thursday to Tuesday messed with the plan =(

    I'm landing in London late Wednesday.


    At my current position, I'm frequently traveling to different places. At this time it was a little bit of work to arrange.


  4. I think a Friday is best in afternoon gives people coming from far option to stay over and visit places in London the day after,.


    I like the Friday optiom.


    Don’t take it as granted, my schedule is super dynamic, but if you’re able to do it on 7/6, I’ll do my best in order to come.

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