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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. If any of you experienced poor sound quality, here comes the solution! Our Pro1 definitely has some problems with sound quality. In particular it couldn't play 24-bit audio sources in more advanced audio players, like PowerAmp (16-bit played quietly on headpones causes a lot of hiss/noise). I also found some annoying clicks on some games (i.e. Talisman). These problems are caused by Snapdragon 835 energy savings, which disable high quality DAC chip and switches it to some limited operation mode. The apk I attached can enable hq sound. After installation 24-bit playback on PowerAmp is possible, noise is lost, and so are clicking distortions in games. Unfortunately this app requires root access. DIrect link to developer's web page. http://androidexpert35developer.altervista.org/audio-dac-booster-app/
  2. My Pro1s left speaker seems to have lower volume than the right one. I would say about 1/4. I'm yet about to do a close up stereo recording to 'measure' it more precisely but it's noticable although definitelly not a dealbreaker. Headphones output is fine. So I'm wondering if anybody else is noticing something similar. Has anybody idea what could be the culprit?
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