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  1. To summarize how my FedEx delivery ended up - I had to exchange a few emails with FedEx and assure them that the package is really meant for me, personally and not for the company that I work for. After that things went smoothly, they sorted out customs within 2 days and I got my device delivered today.
  2. I'm in a similar situation (in Czech Republic), however FxTec has managed to screw this up even a bit more for me. In my order, I have entered my home address as the billing address and my work office address as the shipping address. However FxTec have used the shipping address on the invoice. Hence FedEx assumes that these goods are intended for my company for further resale. Which they of course are not - it's a personal order which I wanted to have shipped to my office for convenience. Now FedEx is asking me to provide import details such as company identification number and goods importer identification number. I have neither of those, of course. I assume this would not have happened if FxTec used the billing address on the invoice. I have reached out to their customer support, but haven't heard anything back yet.
  3. That's simply incorrect. I have a QWERTY preorder with IGG coupon in EU and mine wasn't shipped.
  4. I understand your point of view. To be honest, of the 3 situation that I've mentioned, the one with retailers is the only one which seems to have a somewhat reasonable explanation, even if it's still completely unfair to IGG supporters. What about the other two, though? Especially sending phones to non-IGG preorders this week? Do you see any reasonable explanation? For me it really looks like they are attempting to force IGG preorders to ask for a refund. The email I sent to the support in this matter yesterday wasn't answered yet. Erik didn't bother commenting in the forum on this either.
  5. Like most people on this forum, I'm a fan of phones with hardware keyboards. That's why I've co-funded the FxTec (then Livormorium) Keyboard Moto Mod IGG campaign back in 2017. The IGG campaign got postponed several times until it was cancelled altogether. Like most of the IGG supporters, the only thing I got in return to supporting the campaign financially was a promise. Promise from FxTec that I would be among the first to receive the QWERTY smartphone they plan on developing next. I have elected to take up on that promise and did not request a refund for the failed IGG campaign. When the Pro1 became available for preorder, I have indeed preordered it, having paid the preorder in August 2019. Fast forward to November 2019 and after several delays, it seemed that FxTec started shipping some devices. Much to surprise of many IGG supporters, these devices were being shipped to customers who have ordered the phone without the IGG coupon. @Erik stepped in and suggested that this was due to a human error and only 0.5% of all orders were shipped to non-IGG supporters. Note how intentionally misleading that number is. At that point, the number of shipped devices overall was extremely low. Hence 0.5% of all orders could have easily meant that 50% of orders shipped until that point were shipped to non-IGG supporters. Strike one. In December 2019, FxTec have shipped a batch of devices to retailers (most notably Clove and Dragonbox), available for general public to buy. With this move, they have again skipped their IGG-supporters altogether. The explanation (again, as provided by Erik) was that they were in talks with those retailers since MWC in February 2019. I really don't understand how that should give them priority over people who have financially supported FxTec since 2017. This also effectively meant that FxTec was able to sell the same devices twice - they already had money from all preorders, so why not sell devices which were supposed to fulfill those preorders to general public? Thus they willingly exchanged goodwill of their supporters for immediate financial gain. Strike two. Here comes January 2020 and FxTec ships another batch of devices. Much to my surprise, these were again shipped to people who have preordered without the IGG coupons, as confirmed in the "Tracking" thread yesterday. I have reached out to FxTec customer support to allow them to come up with another excuse clarify the situation, but I have yet to hear back from them. Strike three. At this point, I have completely lost any remaining faith in the company. The only thing that I'm unsure of is whether they are intentionally screwing over people who have supported them the longest because they are incompetent or because they are malicious. Could it be that they are postponing IGG preorders intentionally, hoping that people would request a refund and instead buy the device from a retailer for a now much higher price?
  6. So FxTec is shipping phones to non-IGG preorders AGAIN? Before fulfiling IGG preorders (such as mine, I'm sure there will be more people). @Erik, do you care to comment on this?
  7. @illie-vanilli @mcdinner Can you guys please share whether you've preordered with or without IGG coupons?
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