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  1. On my device, OpenSL ES (Android’s low-level sound API) seems to have issues. I’ve tried using SunVox (paid app, sorry, but it’s worth it if you’re interested in making music) and get all sorts of pops and crackling, even when disabling visualizations (logo on the top left, Preferences, Modules, disable “Show oscilloscope” and “Show level meter”) or increasing sample buffer (in Preferences, Audio, set Buffer to a high value). Sounds to me as if the audio samples don’t get to the DAC fast enough or there’s too little buffer somewhere else down the line. Caustic (free demo) works when using the AudioTrack API. When setting it to OpenSL ES (burger menu on the bottom left, Options, Audio API), it sometimes has the same problems, but most of the time seems to work fine, even with internal latency set to “lowest”. Both apps work flawlessly on my Nexus 5X.
  2. Making it easy to repair is a priority to them. I overheard Chen talking about that they even changed the way the keyboard is mounted for easier battery replacement. Before, there was a screw underneath the space bar, and to unscrew the back cover you'd basically have to peel of the keyboard (that's glued to its board), which he didn't like. Now the battery should be able to be replaced in 10 minutes without destroying the keyboard glue. Two of the screw covers you can see on the back of the screen actually don't have screws underneath them, but are simply holes that, when the screen is removed, allow you to put your screwdriver through them to easily access two screws on the keyboard part of the device, without having to take apart the hinge mechanism. I definitely got the impression that they've put a lot of thought into designing the device to be easily customizable by software and easily repairable.
  3. If I understood them correctly at the Düsseldorf event, they're aiming for around 10 beta testers and might even have selected them already (but not notified yet). The testers are mainly chosen by where they live and which mobile operator they're using, e.g. to make sure the phone works well with Verizon in the US and across all bands. Technical expertise seemed to be less important.
  4. Hi there! I've had the chance to attend F(x)tec's preview event in Düsseldorf (Germany) this Tuesday and made a short video of it, featuring hi-res shots, a general description of the phone and my impression of it. Check it out: The video is in German, but there are good English subtitles available. Cheers and have a nice weekend!
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