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  1. Thanks for all these resources! I understand now the process, though I'm undecided whether I'll attempt it; I may just give in and order the full display unit replacement from Fxtec, which looks to be a much simpler replacement.
  2. Any advice or guide on how to do this replacement? I have the Elephone U Pro replacement part from aliexpress but I'm unsure how best to get the original screen off.
  3. How difficult was it to actually perform the replacement? Did you follow a guide or video?
  4. Ah, I see (and thanks for finding the link, @OKSun). I imagine the replacement of the screen only would be much more difficult, though; in the instructions support sent me for the whole upper unit, it was just five screws and a ribbon cable. I wonder also if a screen-only replacement would suffice in my case; I have not only cracked glass but a permanent solid magenta line in one whole column of pixels. It does say "touch screen + LCD display" but I'm not familiar enough with this kind of hardware to judge whether I might have damage to some additional component(s) underneath.
  5. Thanks for that! Sadly it's too late for me, this heavy slippery phone already slid out of my pocket once and landed on a front corner of the screen rather than a rear corner in the nice soft silicone case, so now I've got a crack and an intermittent solid magenta line through the display. 😕
  6. I got a "GVTECH Case for Huawei P20 Pro TPU Cover" (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RSQF772) which fits pretty nicely on the lower (keyboard) half of the unit, though of course I had to poke holes for the rear mic, top/bottom speakers, USB socket, headphone socket, and power and volume keys. I dislike having no protection on the top (screen) half though, and indeed have already gotten a subtle crack on the screen because it was slippery enough to slide out of my pocket sitting down and land on its corner. Any better suggestions? Ideally, any suggestions for adding a silicone bumper a
  7. Mine is configured to launch the camera when pressing the power button twice in a row, which I find convenient to quickly pull out the phone and snap a photo. I forget where exactly that setting is, but maybe that's what's happening to you? If you don't think you're accidentally pressing it twice, maybe it's a loose connection in the button that makes one press register as two?
  8. I've tried quite a few different launchers now and I've only found one so far that handles landscape mode well. (TL;DR, it's Total Launcher). The Pro1 default Quickstep supports landscape mode but only using a "two halves" approach that screws up widget placement (my old 1x1 and 2x1 widgets all get stretched to 2 rows, and can't be positioned across the center line of the screen), and it also lacks a lot of other pretty basic customization options. Some launchers don't support landscape mode at all, they're just in portrait mode all the time. These include: Evie and Smart Launcher (n
  9. I started looking for a replacement launcher after noticing that the stock Quickstep's icon grid was sized such that all my previously 1-row (1x1, 2x1, ...) widgets had become 2-row, and there didn't seem to be any way to customize the grid size. So far I've tried Nova which I like, but doesn't handle landscape mode well when the keyboard is out. By default it just keeps the home screen in portrait mode so its sideways with the keyboard out, and if I change it to auto-rotate then it tries to squeeze the same 5x7 portrait icon grid into the landscape aspect ratio, resulting in super tiny i
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