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  1. Hi, I am from Hong Kong. I know most of the city in China will return to work until 20th Feb. Also, most of the check point of Hong Kong are closed. There is only one land transportation method can be used to ship the stock. It is very disgusting that the Chinese Gov conceal the news about the virus. When you get the phone, PLEASE DISINFECT IT. More than 10k chinese is infected. Absolutely 10k is the number released by Chi Gov. I believe that the actual number is far greater.
  2. Hi there, I placed an preorder in August and cancelled it last month. When i was cancelling, they told me that my order should be shipped before Christmas. Christmas was passed 1-2 weeks already. However, i found that lots of poeple still discuss the status of the order. I would like to ask whether the guy who placed pre-order before August have still not received their device??
  3. I am from Hong Kong. I guess there is no regulation from Hong Kong shipping to Hong Kong. I will see what time I can get the phone.😄
  4. I am from Hong Kong. I know that FX has decided to setup a warehouse in Hong Kong. However, here is very dangerous and unstable. The Hong Kong Police Force has made lots of mass and kill many people. Tear gas and bullets are everywhere. They attacked Masjid (the church of Islam) and are now invading the college and shooting the students :"(. I don't know when (whether) it will stop. Therefore, if FX is deciding to setup a warehouse in Hong Kong and arrange such distribution, I don't know whether the countries near Hong Kong can receive the phone in 2019. So sad and so sorry for that. I don't
  5. Where are the guys which protected fx team in September and said "why you guys cannot be patient and just wait one more week?" July -> September -> late September-> early October -> Nov -> ??? They do not respect their customers at all.
  6. Then I guess I cannot get the phone until December.😢 It has been delayed about half a year.
  7. Yes, you are right. However, you should mention the whole story. If they state the shipping date to be June 2020, are so many of us willing to pay for it or pay for it so early? It is something about " expectation" and our planning. Even though this is the first time they running a phone production project, they should do better in some areas: communication, responsibility etc.
  8. It is because they don't want you to get the information about delay so early to prevent the cancel of order by many of you.
  9. Please go to the shop page, you can still find that "Order your Pro1 today. Shipping globally is estimated to be early October 2019." It is totally misleading. I really want to know what the team is doing.
  10. I suggest that you can announce the shipping date as 2020. Then, you can give us a great surprise that the shipping date will be as early as Oct 2019. It is better than mid Sep -> early Oct -> mid Oct-> maybe late Oct. It is annoying and affect our expectation on the product and your responsibility. Anyway, thanks for your reply and we have waited for your reply so hard.
  11. Hi, i am the keyone user. The feeling of typing is excellent. Honestly, i dont expect that the abovementioned devices are able to compare with blackberry. However, the screen is too small is a serious disadvantage. So you should find a balance yourself. But i wont recommand planet computer.
  12. Yes, the delay is so strange as it is so sudden and only delay for half of a month. Someone said that it is the stage of debug. However, today is the original date about to deliver the phone. So we can conclude that the staff are already know the delay but no one make the announcement. The most important point is that we still have not got any public announcement about the delay. So please don't feel annoying to the above guys who blames on the staff because it is thing about the responsibility.
  13. It is really bad if the delay for the pre-order is true. The price is increasing continuously and the delay is being occurred simultaneously. Can any staff can clarify the fact?
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