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  1. oh - they need to fix this! (Serious VIM addict here) 😱
  2. ESC behaves differently than the other keys?
  3. oO You kinda making me worried about n-key roll-over now.. I really hope this is just a software issue..
  4. yeah yeah yeah - but can it run Elite Plus?! *g*
  5. @Swond otherwise - if you can get the respective board out: lots of destilled water and a little dry-off in rice sometimes does wonders
  6. check for dirt in the switch
  7. Slight flaw in this theory: Erik stated that from now on batches will contain 10..20% of pre-orders. No statement was made about the first two batches (where the first was agreed here to be ~120 devices). All we know for certain is 120+ devices were delivered and less than 45'000 devices were ordered. Anything in between is guesswork. This sets us at: Batch 1+2 made at worst 121 devices for 45k orders -> 0.3% of all pre-orders. (sure - batch 2 might have been bigger than only ONE device 😉 - but that's the guaranteed minimum) So worst case: still 10 weeks until all are shipped. with following assumptions: batch 2 contained 10% of pre-orders as batch 3 with guesstimated 20k devices ordered: This would put batch 2 at 2k devices, making batch 1 kinda irrelevant, therefore still 5..9 weeks to go. So cutting something off from the "5-10 weeks to go" is wishful thinking, but not mathematically sound. I hope, they can get everything done until end of January! Good luck to all! 🙂
  8. Why on earth did you flash Windows to that poor little device?! SO cruel!!
  9. only in October, I guess? 😉
  10. Really? For a pair of $5 ear buds you made a buying decision of ~$700? Hard to believe, but if you say so I have no choice but trust your statement.
  11. But please only as opt-in. I really do not need more electronic waste (as in: what do you expect from 'free ear buds'? - probably the same junk that's being shipped with Samsung devices, or worse, what comes with Apple stuff). I think buying one for 30 bucks will probably put you already in a much higher quality-domain, than what would ever be shipped 'for free' (while good in-ear monitors set you back several hundreds of dollars..). I do see the point for a "case from manufacturer", because device dimensions and button placement is highly device-specific, but ear buds.. IMHO there is really no point for those..
  12. Haha - "Microsoft" and "productivity" in ONE statement! 😄 SCNR 😉
  13. Agreed! Definitely a "in your face!" message.
  14. Exactly what I expected - sometimes I hate to be right..
  15. From what we heard and read, I think it's safe to assume that not even 50% of all preorders are assembled. No matter how much of 'failed' devices can be re-used, the point that there are most probably a lot of pre-orders (hundreds, if not thousands) where assembly---or even production---has not even started, still stands.
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