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  1. I don't get your update-fear. I have a Samsung Note 1 sitting in my desk's drawer with Android 8 on it (as I bought the device in 2012 it cam with 2.7 IIRC). (It's running Android 8 and not 9, because I didn't use it for more than a year and therefore didn't bother to update) Why would a Snapdragon 835 be a problem? I am currently using a 825 and I could be happy with that little bugger for the next 10yrs to come, wouldn't the device lack a keyboard, that is.. 😉 835 ups the performance by around 30% - which is 30% faster than "already more than fast enough" in my book - but I'm not a [cellphone-]gamer..
  2. I'd say it's not too hard to interpret The important part is "even though". In simple English: Even though it is about 700€ (which is a lot of money), I stil do not have more energy to keep arguing on this topic. Kinda the opposite of what you tried to interpret into it.
  3. I think it is about time, FxTec does another update on current status!
  4. mine is still fine - but too slow and too little RAM 😞 otherwise - to date: by FAR the best smartphone ever! Touch, Pen, Keyboard, TV out, FM receiver AND sender, SDslot, headphone jack, stereo speakers, camera cover, built-in stand,... list goes on and on and on... Damn you, Stephen Elop!
  5. I guess in that bubble, where buying a cell phone does not really up the total costs of that house. 😉 And I do not believe those are in urgent need of a slider phone! This is nit-picking! NO ONE *needs* a slider phone. No, that will not "up your business". The whole notion of a cell phone being 'important' is just outrageously rediculous! How did we survive 20 years ago were all "that stuff" did not yet exist? (No - new business models are no excuse here - because THOSE business models, where you really do benefit from a phone in that form factor, are non-existing in those poor corners of the world where the price of a cell phone would be an important factor [for a business].) (plus: no serious business would put money on a coming-to-market cell phone in the first place -- FMEA anyone?) So please do not be upset on behalf of other people. 😉
  7. I cannot see any arrogance in this point. A company cannot afford a cell phone? How does it pay its employees? Srsly, this it not a realistic scenario.
  8. Yes, there is 😉 https://www.mytrendyphone.eu/shop/bow-hb199-foldable-218047p.html Ok - maybe not when you're standing.. But this would already be a MacGuyver situation - Hanging with your arm on the vertical handrail in a bus, it slamming around the corners and you holding tight on your phone and vim-ing through /etc.. 😄 (I like that...)
  9. True - but if your business need to take a credit to buy a single cell phone, it's bankrupt already and should be closed. 😉 Also correct - but OTOH, kinda everything one says WILL be taken as an insult by SOMEONE. 😉
  10. Sure - I would never "tell [anyone] what to do". This was just intended as sincere advice. Yet, while convenience might be valueable, "having enough [money] to live" is more valuable to have, at least from an objective point of view. If you are short on money (and the need of a credit to buy a phone is a good definition for that state), you are not in a position to think about spending money for convenience, as this might get you into a very inconvenient situation. 😉 (Think: You have basically no money, you take a credit for a phone -- one week later you drop it into a drain [a.k.a shit happens]. Now you have no money, a $600+ credit AND no phone. What now? Another credit? What if something else decides to screw the pooch? Like your washer? I'd argue, a working washing maschine is a lot more valuable than a working cell phone -- and you never know what gets in your way... But I'm getting to Mommy-finger-waving here... sorry ;)) My point: There are times [that do suck [most of us had 'em] ;)] where you simply cannot/should afford certain niceties, no matter how much you desire them.
  11. not to be mean or anything - but seriously - if you are THAT short on money, you really should not waste it on an expensive phone. There is NOTHING a 200€ phone + 30€ BT-keyboard cannot do what the pro1 could. The only difference is convenience. Really - using a credit to buy a phone is a very bad decision. You should ask for a refund, no matter the delivery time!
  12. oh - they need to fix this! (Serious VIM addict here) 😱
  13. ESC behaves differently than the other keys?
  14. oO You kinda making me worried about n-key roll-over now.. I really hope this is just a software issue..
  15. yeah yeah yeah - but can it run Elite Plus?! *g*
  16. @Swond otherwise - if you can get the respective board out: lots of destilled water and a little dry-off in rice sometimes does wonders
  17. Slight flaw in this theory: Erik stated that from now on batches will contain 10..20% of pre-orders. No statement was made about the first two batches (where the first was agreed here to be ~120 devices). All we know for certain is 120+ devices were delivered and less than 45'000 devices were ordered. Anything in between is guesswork. This sets us at: Batch 1+2 made at worst 121 devices for 45k orders -> 0.3% of all pre-orders. (sure - batch 2 might have been bigger than only ONE device 😉 - but that's the guaranteed minimum) So worst case: still 10 weeks until all are shipped. with following assumptions: batch 2 contained 10% of pre-orders as batch 3 with guesstimated 20k devices ordered: This would put batch 2 at 2k devices, making batch 1 kinda irrelevant, therefore still 5..9 weeks to go. So cutting something off from the "5-10 weeks to go" is wishful thinking, but not mathematically sound. I hope, they can get everything done until end of January! Good luck to all! 🙂
  18. Why on earth did you flash Windows to that poor little device?! SO cruel!!
  19. Really? For a pair of $5 ear buds you made a buying decision of ~$700? Hard to believe, but if you say so I have no choice but trust your statement.
  20. But please only as opt-in. I really do not need more electronic waste (as in: what do you expect from 'free ear buds'? - probably the same junk that's being shipped with Samsung devices, or worse, what comes with Apple stuff). I think buying one for 30 bucks will probably put you already in a much higher quality-domain, than what would ever be shipped 'for free' (while good in-ear monitors set you back several hundreds of dollars..). I do see the point for a "case from manufacturer", because device dimensions and button placement is highly device-specific, but ear buds.. IMHO there is really no point for those..
  21. Haha - "Microsoft" and "productivity" in ONE statement! 😄 SCNR 😉
  22. Agreed! Definitely a "in your face!" message.
  23. Exactly what I expected - sometimes I hate to be right..
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